I suppose there are other ways the abortion rights movement could undermine its cause, but the video posted below seems pretty effective, and ironic: just as pro-lifers are debating whether they should use graphic images, since they turn off so many people, the Center for Reproductive Rights takes the opposite tack with this send-up of a turn on.

In it, actor Mehcad Brooks does an unctuous come on to the Roe v. Wade decision, which turned 40 this week. Husband to wife? Or gigolo to a client? Why didn’t they just send around a sonogram of Cecile Richards?

Pia de Solenni and other pro-lifers are creeped out, no surprise. But how about women, as in feminists? Or African-Americans? Or even the ghost of Isaac Hayes? It seems like a misfire on so many levels.

Which is surprising, because abortion is, you know, just so naturally hilarious.

Check it out:

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  1. Re the 40th anniversary video, I totally agree Mr. Gibson, I’m blind and couldn’t see the images but knowing what it was about it definetly creeped me out. If I was heading up this celebration of 40 years of pro choice I’d definetly can this video, burn all reprints of it and celebrate in a much less creepy way. Hope they do.

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