Having the Village People anthem “YMCA” re-purposed as a campaign jingle probably wasn’t Cardinal Luis Tagle’s idea — the Archbishop of Manila is too humble for that (read the fine profile by NCR’s John Allen), and too smart to think it would help his cause.

At 55 he is the second youngest cardinal in the College, which is already a big strike against a man who could otherwise be considered the John Paul II of this conclave.

But heck, you have to smile, and imagine what could be with a pope who inspires the kind of bathos even Andrew Sullivan might appreciate: Watch, and sing along!


  1. Greetings from the Philippines!
    I wonder how Cardinal Tagle would react when he sees this “campaign video.” I bet he would just laugh at this, or cringe :-) It was a fun video.
    Tagle was my teacher last semester in our “Holy Orders” class. I wish him all the best.

    • I’m sure he will laugh at this Ellis. I know Cardinal Tagle has a sense of humor. That’s exactly why I made a fun song like this..to reflect his sunny personality. :-)

  2. It is ironic that the tune used for this repurpose was originally sang by a group of very gay singers. In today’s Church atmosphere of homophobia, this is just hilarious. If the other cardinals got a whiff of this prior to the start of the conclave, Tagle would not stand a chance. But, we don’t know how God works.

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