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Former NFL Athlete Brian “THE BOZ” Bosworth” Star of “REVELATION ROAD” (Pure Flix) Shares Life Trans …


Former NFL Linebacker Brian “The Boz” Bosworth’s Reveals Transformation Through Faith

Los Angeles, CA:  Brian “The Boz” Bosworth is best remembered as an All-American linebacker who quickly rose to fame and notoriety when he was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 1987.

As his popularity soared, he quickly became known, and criticized, for his individual flare, outspoken personality, and exuberant confidence on and off the football field. In hindsight, some would say he was less arrogant, as he was more misunderstood. But Bosworth’s football dreams were sidelined when was forced to retire after a shoulder injury during the 1989 season.

Over the past twenty-seven years, Bosworth has endured public scrutiny, personal loss, and physical challenges, including having both shoulders replaced. He has been married twice, has three children, and sold real estate.  When his football dreams ended, he turned to acting in films that include Stone Cold (1991), The Longest Yard (2005), the newly released Revelation Road (2013), and the upcoming Revelation Road 2 (September 2013).

But now emerges a very different Brian Bosworth.

Bosworth admits that the initial offer to star in Revelation Road came at a very unexpected and unhappy time in his life. With an initial misconception that a faith-based, independent film would lack the content or production quality that he would want to be affiliated with, Bosworth initially thought his agent sent him the wrong script.

“It was the characters and their diversity that opened my eyes to do the project. Some of the characters were so full of anger and torment, and they easily resonated with me,” said Bosworth. “I was able to relate to this character and understand their anger toward God… much more than I wanted to admit.”

The spiritual battle between the characters and God in Revelation Road were reflective of Bosworth and the animosity and bitterness he felt toward God, and from what he admits was a result of his own issues with his father, a sometimes “ornery, perfectionist” that wanted the best for his son. But Bosworth never felt he could live up to his father’s standards or expectations.

Bosworth reflects on a time when he made a childhood promise with God, and how he felt when he believed God broke that promise. As a result, Bosworth manifested feelings of betrayal, hurt and resentment toward God. His “grudge” toward God affected his relationships and his career. He became depressed and emotionally distant from those around him.

It was during the filming of Revelation Road that Bosworth started to experience a soul-stirring. While he was on the road promoting the film in church, Bosworth noticed what he initially thought were “coincidences,” but quickly understood to be God’s gentle reminder that He was still there for Bosworth in a genuine and organic way. During one of the church services, sitting next to his wife, Bosworth relinquished the hurt, pain, and anger he carried for decades and asked God for forgiveness and the opportunity for a new life with Him.

These days Bosworth is grateful for another chance. The chance to establish a relationship with God, who Bosworth once believe had abandoned him, but later understood it was he who abandoned God. Bosworth is also thankful for the chance to discover love with a second marriage, and the ability to be an active father in his children’s lives.

Oklahoma is the place Bosworth once called home, where he played college football for the University of Oklahoma, and was a two-time consensus All-American. It is those Oklahoma football fans that proved to be unwavering over the years; even during the times Bosworth admits he distanced himself from them. In return, Bosworth has created a movie night tour during the month of March where he will host several film screenings in movies theaters and churches throughout Oklahoma. He will discuss the film, his personal journeys, and meet movie audiences.

Revelation Road has proved to be more than another film on Bosworth’s resume. It has been a turning point in his life, spiritually and emotionally. “This role was unlike any other. I felt like here was a film role where I could finally express myself,” Bosworth said. “The message from this film that resonated with me, and I hope for others, is, no matter what you have done in your life, there’s a time you realize you’re in control of things you do that lead you to your day of redemption.”

Revelation Road is the first chapter in an epic, end-of-the word adventure produced by Pure Flix Entertainment, the largest producing and distributing faith and family film studio. In a small California town, a mild-mannered traveling salesman, Josh McManus, (David A. R. White) stops at a local convenience store.  Then it happens, a brutal biker gang robs the store with orders to leave no witnesses.  Josh has no choice but to reveal who he really is – a man well-accustomed to violence. Josh stops the robbery and earns the respect of the locals, but is haunted by his secret past, and wrestles with his search for faith.  The leader of the biker gang, the powerful and enigmatic Hawg (Brian Bosworth) vows revenge on Josh and all who have dared to cross him.  The stage is set for a titanic duel as the world hurtles towards the biblical time of prophesy, the Rapture.  All Josh wants is to forget his past, escape his present, and get back to his wife and daughter – will he make it in time?

Revelation Road, which released in March 2013, is available nationwide in retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, Christian stores, and online and through Redbox, Netflix, and Blockbuster.  Revelation Road stars WCW Wrester Steve “The Sting” Borden, Ray Wise (Robocop, Good Night and Good Luck), David A.R. White (Evening Shade, Jerusalem Countdown, Brother White), and Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables).  Directed by Gabrial Sabloff (Apostle Peter and the Last Supper) and written by Sean Paul Murphy, Revelation Road runs 88 minutes and is DOVE approve for ages 12 years and older. The trailer is available at http://pureflix.com/revelationroad.

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