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Do you believe that God personally revealed himself to mankind?

SAN FRANCISCO – If we accept that God is real, why should we believe that he has personally revealed himself to mankind? Fr. Robert Spitzer S.J., Ph.D., shows how it’s reasonable to believe that the creator has revealed himself because God is completely intelligent and completely positive in his new book, GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD: Clues to Our Transcendent Destiny From the Revelation of Jesus.

Spitzer explores whether it’s rational to believe that God is unconditionally loving and, if so, whether it follows to believe that God would want to make a personal appearance to us in a perfect act of empathy. He reviews all of the world religions to see if there is one that presents such a God, which leads him to the extraordinary claim of Jesus Christ, who taught that God is an unconditionally loving Father.

Spitzer explores Jesus’ claims that He himself is also unconditionally loving, and that his mission is to give us that love through an act of complete self-sacrifice. He examines Christ’s claim to be the exclusive son of the Father, sent by God to save the world, and the one who possesses divine power and authority.

In GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD, Spitzer provides an in-depth examination of Jesus: His forgiveness of sinners, teachings, miracles, rising from the dead and gift of the Holy Spirit, which enables His disciples to perform miracles in His name and is present among us today.

“Fr. Spitzer leads us, step by step, as a true spiritual guide to a deeper understanding on our personal journey of faith to Jesus Christ,” says Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

For more information, to request a review copy or to schedule an interview with Fr. Robert Spitzer, please contact Kevin Wandra (404-788-1276 or of Carmel Communications.


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  • I just need to look at all creation around me, such as the universe, the earth, God’s marvelous home for humans, everything on it, as well as how marvelous man is made, to see God revealing himself to me. But most of all, his marvelous personality and his wonderful purpose for man on earth, as contained in the Bible, and as expressed by his son, Jesus, when he was on earth.

  • The problem with lots of Christians is that they do not believe what Jesus and God say about each other and that they have made Jesus into their god, instead of believing the biblical Truth that there is only One True God of gods and one mediator the son of god who is the sent one from God but not God himself.

  • Lots of Christians also still celebrate the pagan goddess of fertility and keep celebrating Easter and hiding eggs for their children. From the beginning of times man has been caught up in their own fantasies, drawing them away from the real Divine Creator.

    When you do not belief in such a divine Creator you perhaps believe in other elements, like black holes, the Big Bang a.o. which the Bible even not contradict. But you also can like others belief in other fictional things, the same as you claim the other believers to do.

    In what do you really want to put your faith? And do you know in what the Bible requires us to put your faith?