Jeff Sessions needs a Sunday school lesson on immigration

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama speaks to supporters during an immigration policy speech hosted by Donald Trump at the Phoenix Convention Center on Aug. 31, 2016 in Phoenix. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons

WASHINGTON (RNS) While Donald Trump thrilled crowds during the election campaign with his pledge to build a “great wall” on the U.S.-Mexico border, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions cited the Bible to make a Judeo-Christian defense of the president-elect’s plans. 

“I recall Nehemiah returning to Jerusalem,” Sessions, who is known for his hard-line views on immigration, told the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington five months before the election. “He went to build a wall in Jerusalem and it wasn’t to keep the people in, you know.”

Confirmation hearings begin this week for the senator, who is Trump’s pick for U.S attorney general.

Sessions, who has taught Sunday school at his family’s church, is not afraid to spar with pastors.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on immigration reform in 2013, David Fleming, senior pastor of the Champion Forest Baptist Church in Texas, referenced lines from Leviticus that command believers to “treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you too were once aliens in the land of Egypt.” Sessions retorted that the pastor was “leading little ones astray” by citing Scripture “loosely,” and fired back with another biblical story from the Book of Numbers in which the king of Edom denied the Israelites the right to pass through his land.

While the Bible has plenty of contradictory passages, Scripture scholars and religious leaders — including many conservative evangelicals —widely agree God’s central message to the Israelites is to protect and defend the stranger. In the New Testament, Jesus radically expanded the definition of neighbor in the parable of the good Samaritan, praising the foreigner and despised Samaritan for stopping to help a man wounded by the side of the road while the respectable of society — a priest and a Levite — passed him by.

Conservative Christian leaders frequently draw from biblical sources to make a moral case for why we need just and compassionate immigration reform that includes an earned pathway to citizenship. The Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition that includes representatives from the National Association of Evangelicals and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, educates congregations and lobbies lawmakers. Evangelical and Catholic leaders who have sparred with Democrats over same-sex marriage and contraception are some of the most influential advocates for comprehensive immigration reform, and largely reject “enforcement-only” border proposals as inhumane and ineffective. 

Public Religion Research Institute has found that 54 percent of white evangelicals support the opportunity for undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship. Statements from Sessions’ own denomination, the United Methodist Church, reference scriptural passages in defending the rights of immigrants. And the church has adopted a resolution urging Congress to “pass comprehensive immigration reform that makes family unity, students being able to get an education at an affordable rate, fair and just treatment of laborers, and a reasonable path towards citizenship a priority.”

Sessions has long been, in the words of one prominent immigration advocate, the “most anti-immigrant senator in the chamber.” When George W. Bush, a self-styled “compassionate conservative” and born-again Christian, pushed a comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2007 that was supported by many business and law-enforcement officials, Sessions railed against what he called the “no illegal alien left behind bill” and led the charge against the failed effort. “Good fences make good neighbors,” he said at a press conference the year before.

Sessions is also opposed to increases in legal immigration, and his views are well outside the mainstream. The Southern Poverty Law Center notes that Sessions “has longstanding and extensive ties to both anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim extremist groups.” 

Sessions might want to find fodder in the Bible for his reactionary positions, but the fact is he is isolated and out of step with more than a millennium of Christian thought and discipleship. “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Pope Francis said in February when reporters asked him about Trump’s promises to build a border wall. “This is not the gospel.”

The senator has a right to his views, but dressing them up in Christian clothing is an insult to those who take Jesus seriously. 

(John Gehring is the Catholic program director at Faith in Public Life, and the author of “The Francis Effect: A Radical Pope’s Challenge to the American Catholic Church”)

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  • “Public Religion Research Institute has found that 54 percent of white evangelicals support the opportunity for undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship.”

    Printing a lie doesn’t seem to be consistent with Christian values. And your statement is a lie.

    You should reevaluate your own ethics. Jeff Sessions outshines you in life and deed.

  • Let’s all get real here. Tolerating illegal activity does nothing but encourage more illegal activity. That is simple common sense. Second, our nation nor any other has the economic capacity to absorb and support all of the world’s poor regardless of how compassionate some may wish to be. Not to mention that adopting all of the illegal immigrants is tantamount to an open border policy that would result in the destruction of our nation. What part of a $20 Trillion debt don’t we understand? So stay away from the biblical arguments here. There is no valid argument in favor of open borders or amnesty for those who have willfully and knowingly broken our laws. To end the invasion, we should stop every single incentive to be in our country illegally. That means no hope of a job, no social benefits at all such as welfare, food stamps, etc., no driver’s licenses, no automatic citizenship for children conceived by two illegal parents, nothing. The only way to end the problem is to make life here illegally intolerable so that those here already leave voluntarily and those not here yet don’t come. We have a problem because we offer people a better deal here even illegally than where they come from. Stop doing that and the problem is solved. BTW, I favor LEGAL immigration. Last, a secure border is necessary for national security purposes and preventing/fighting criminal activity regardless of the illegal immigration issue.


  • We as a nation cannot take care of our veterans,our seniors and our bridges,roads,waterlines as well as our electric grids are in bad shape.Yet our religious leaders continue to support the illegals as well as wanting more refugees without thinking about the costs to this nation.Like Democrats want more votes churches want more members.

  • Gee, it sounds to me like somebody is angry because their funds will be stopped for settling refugees. Just because we don’t want to live around people that want to kill us means we’re reactionary? You should see my home State of California, absolutely filthy from the influx of immigrants. Not to mention the criminals are on every street corner. Sorry, you lost. Jeff Sessions is a great man. I pray for him every day and can’t wait for him to be Attorney General. Praise the Lord!

  • Here’s a number. 70% of American Citizens favor reducing legal immigration and stopping illegal immigration. Those who advocate differently need to convince 21% of Americans to change their position. When that happens illegal law breakers will be allowed to enter the US any time they want.

  • It’s time for a moratorium on ALL immigration. Stop legal immmigration and station the military on the border to stop illegal immigration. We are the kindest (read stupid) nation about taking people in. However, nowhere does it say we must accept people who broke in. The US is our home and illegal aliens broke in. We realize that politician’s eyes gleam at the thought of future votes when they bestow citizenship on these criminals and businesses jump for joy at the thought of cheap labor. Our forefathers would be sickened at the knowledge of these Washington traitors who aid and abet the destruction of our nation.

  • Senator Sessions is not out of step or isolated from the majority of American citizens. He represents a growing movement away from uncontrolled immigration both legal and illegal. Mr Gehring will soon find himself out of step and isolated.

  • John Gehring must think misrepresenting and cherry picking both research and scripture will prove his views. Using the biased Southern Poverty Law Center to prove his point is just icing on the cake. The percentage of Christians voting for Trump, well aware of his rule of law immigration policies, speaks for itself. The following quote and article contradicts what you use as the majority Christian view. Christians want all our immigration laws enforced. “Only 12 percent agree that the Old Testament verses in which “God commands the ancient Israelites to love the stranger as themselves” mean that “the U.S. government should offer work permits and legal status to illegal immigrants.” Instead, 78 percent said it “means the U.S. government should offer humane treatment while fairly applying the law”

  • I refuse to believe that Jesus would support the idea of putting the interests of foreigners, especially those here illegally, before those of our citizens who suffer the economic consequences of mass immigration and the abdication of the rule of law. Mr. Gehrig and those who believe as he does may think that this is all about doing “God’s work on Earth,” but since when does such work include helping to destroy the nation that allows them to live as well as they do and, most importantly, to worship as freely as they do? Shame on these people!

  • JOHN GEHRING , put it in your Head : You can`t go to another country without permission . This is One of our Many Laws . JOHN GEHRING : Come here the Legal Way NOT your Way or the Obama Way ; Jumping the Fence is a Crime . JOHN GEHRING , Illegal Aliens are Illegal ; Illegals get out of my Land .

  • If these folks can’t look at Europe and see the disaster of Merkel inviting a million so called refugees into the EU then you must be blind. Europe was a warning, America must not be that stupid, Senator Sessions is absolutely right in his views on this whole issue. I thank God that Sessions has been in the Senate the last several years to stop people like McCain and Ghamm from giving Amnesty to every illegal in the country. Why people can not understand the difference between an illegal alien and an immigrant is simply beyond belief.

  • Matthew: 23: 1-7, 13-33- 1 Then Jesus told the crowds and his disciples: 2
    “The scribes and the Pharisees have
    succeeded Moses as teachers; 3 therefore, do everything and observe everything they tell
    you. But do not follow their example. 4 Their words are bold but their deeds are few. They bind up
    heavy loads, hard to carry, to lay on other men’s shoulders, while they
    themselves will not lift a finger to budge them. 5 All their works are performed to
    be seen. They widen their phylacteries and wear huge tassels. 6 They are fond of
    places of honor at banquets and the front seats in synagogues, 7 of marks of respect
    in public and of being called ‘Rabbi.’ 13
    “Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, you
    frauds! You shut the doors of the kingdom of God in men’s faces, neither
    entering yourselves nor admitting those who are trying to enter. 14 Woe to you scribes
    and Pharisees, you frauds. You devour the houses of widows, praying long
    prayers. For this you shall receive a greater judgment. 15 Woe to you scribes
    and Pharisees, you frauds! You travel over sea and land to make a single
    convert, but once he is converted you make a devil of him twice as wicked as
    yourselves. 16 It is an evil day for you, blind guides! You declare, ‘If a
    man swears by the temple it means nothing, but if he swears by the gold of the
    temple he is obligated. 17 Blind fools! Which is more important, the gold or the temple
    which makes it sacred? 18 Again you declare, ‘If a man swears by the gift on the altar
    he is obligated.’ 19 How blind you are! Which is more important, the offering or
    the altar which makes the offering sacred? 20
    The man who swears by the altar is swearing by
    it and everything on it. 21 The man who swears by the temple is swearing by it and by him
    who dwells there. 22 The man who swears by heaven is swearing by God’s throne and
    by him who is seated on that throne. 23 Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, you frauds! You pay tithes
    on mint and herbs and seeds while neglecting the weightier matters of the law,
    justice and mercy and good faith. It is these you should have practiced,
    without neglecting the others. 24 Blind guides! You strain out the gnat and swallow the camel!
    25 Woe to
    you scribes and Pharisees, you frauds! You cleanse the outside of cup and dish,
    and leave the inside filled with loot and lust! 26 Blind Pharisee! First cleanse the inside of the cup so that
    its outside may be clean. 27 Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, you frauds! You are like
    white-washed tombs, beautiful to look at on the outside but inside full of
    filth and dead men’s bones. 28 Thus you present to view a holy exterior while hypocrisy and
    evil fill you within. 29 Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, you frauds! You erect tombs
    for the prophets and decorate the monuments of the saints. 30 You say, ‘Had we
    lived in our forefathers’ time we would not have joined them in shedding the prophets’ blood.’ 31 Thus you show that
    you are the sons of the prophets’ murderers. 32 Now it is your turn: fill up the vessel measured out by your
    forefathers. 33 Vipers’ nest! Brood of serpents! How can you escape
    condemnation to Gehenna?”

  • I’ve seen two figures from reputable research firms ( I worked for one so I know how they do it — or don’t.) One said that 72% of evangelicals favor limiting illegal immigration (as well as legal immigration for one reason — American jobs). The second said 81% in favor of the same. Public Religion Research seems to have its own agenda.

  • if an Illegal Aliens Harms a loved one or self… I will Kill them ,and as many Fusktard Politicians as I can !!!! for letting them be HERE in the USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Judging from Mr Gearing’s article, I would submit that he is out of the mainstream. Senator Sessions certainly has more Christian credibility.

  • Jeff Sessions is such a great American for all Americans. I am confident that Mr. Sessions will enforce laws equally and all Americans will be treated equal under the law and illegals will be treated fairly under American immigration laws.

  • John Gehring, your reference of accusations from the Southern Poverty Law Center made your entire argument null and void. If you are so concerned for the welfare of illegal aliens you should move to their home countries and help them make them a better place to live.

  • Since we elected Mr. Trump and defeated the Clinton’s and their open immigration policy we will be running (again) the country from this point forward.

  • Illegals steal jobs from our most vulnerable citizens; blacks, legal Hispanics, veterans, the disabled, and teens. Illegals immigration is s subsidy for big business that saves a few bucks, while the American taxpayers have to pay to bring the illegals up to the American standard of living.
    The main reason for the massive immigration is because the left could not market their ideas, because their marxist ideology is evil, so they imported their own massive voting block to disenfranchise the Christian American voters.

  • They have no moral right to invade our country.
    Mexico’s southern border is militarized.

  • John Gehring: You want to keep “em? They can all come live at your house. Or you can go live in China or India and see how well that works out for you.

  • Sessions is a wise man. So was Father Patrick Bascio, who said “Groups that favor illegal immigration often invoke the Almighty and wrap themselves in the mantle of compassion as their justification for turning a blind eye to the terrible consequences to America of our porous borders.” Might want to read Bascio’s “On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration”. Oh, and Jesus was a fan of obeying the laws of a land.

  • I have no problem with immigrants ,in reasonable numbers coming to the United States.What I do have a problem with is current federal immigration policy,which allows excessive numbers of people who are not assimilating properly to American culture.Family chain migration is an aspect of current federal policy that must be eliminated.Only a pro immigrant,low immigration policy can coexist with a welfare state the United States currently has.We can only afford it this way.

  • Get your facts straight sir. Most Americans oppose immigration increases and have for decades. We simply cannot afford to take in these numbers with 1 in 4 Americans 25-54 out of work and welfare rolls exploding.

  • Now Sen Sessions (R Alabama) was found unsuited to a Federal judgeship due to his unconstitutional views on the Establishment clause and civil rights, in addition to his so callwd sense of humor. He remains unsuited to be AGUSA.

  • YESIREE, and the Mexicans (as corrupt as they are) will SHOOT YOU for crossing their side of the border. As one sided as it gets.

  • Yeah, and it is my generation of boomers that have elected POS like “moonbeam”, al franken and the like. My home state of Washington is right behind Kalifornia in self destruct mode. I am saddened and ashamed. The only redemption is—- I don’t comply with ANY unconstitutional mandates. “Shall not be infringed” means exactly that. State line Idaho is 15 miles away for gasoline, ammo, booze, guns, cigs, wood stove kits and anything else politically incorrect I buy in the great state of IDAHO to cheat the Washington commie democrats out of their taxes, and out of my business.

  • I hope there are enough decent and moderate Republicans to stop his confirmation. He is the poster boy for the white Christian nationalist movement and he cannot hold the post he’s nominated for. He was a deplorable 30 years ago and hasn’t changed. How can you claim to be a Christian and exhibit this much hate?

  • I would say that the majority of good Christians DO NOT support breaking the laws of this country. If illegal aliens want to become American citizens they need to do it the right way, i.e., return to their countries, get at the back of the line there, and go through the legal process to become a citizen. They have no right to break into our country and take what doesn’t belong to them. Rewarding them with jobs and welfare hurts Americans and only encourages more illegality. The Christianity I know does not encourage law-breaking.

  • I’m not against Immigration, I’m against people breaking the law. If it’s illegal, it’s illegal. Don’t reward anyone for breaking the Laws Of The Land. When doing so, only opens the flood gates, that lets every illegal soul to enter our Nation of Laws, and encourages more to do so, when rewarded. Enough is enough. I expect our Government to protect us from illegals and return the illegal immigrants back to their home countries, and follow the legal process, to become legal immigrants, and penalize any and everyone who enters otherwise.

  • Of course Sessions is being attacked for his position. There’s no mystery here; liberal Democrats want our southern border wide open and want millions of illegals to swarm through because Latin American immigrants historically vote Democrat. If they tended to vote Republican, the border would have been locked down decades ago.
    We allow more LEGAL immigrants into this nation every year than any other country on the planet. There IS NO “immigration crisis,” other than the fact that Democrats block our law enforcement from following the law.

  • Hey Jim… are you aware that the “racial slur” you referred to is simply referencing the law so named Operation Wetback in the 1950s and passed by the Eisenhower administration to remove those immigrants who wouldn’t leave the country after replacing those men who enlisted in the military to go overseas, fight and defeat the Germans and Japanese in WWII? All I perceive from John is that he’s referring to this bit of history when using the term. Is that wrong? If so, I didn’t realize we were still operating on your personal views. When did we agree on that?

  • I find it problematic when the Catholic program director of “Faith in Public Life,” declares that the bible has “plenty of contradictory passages.” That only reveals to me that he has not studied it closely enough. As to Sessions’ grasp of scripture, he does little better. Pastor Fleming made a proper argument from scripture regarding “aliens” in the land. Sessions’ retort citing the Edomite king’s reaction to the Israelites’ attempt to pass through his land misses the point. That rejection is not recorded in the bible in a favorable tone context as is evident from the text. It seems to me that both Mr. Gehring and Mr. Sessions are in need of some remedial bible study.

  • Nice try. This is not a religious issue it is an existential issue. By curtailing immigration to a massive degree, which is what the nation just asked to have accomplished via the November election, we can serve the world better and still stay whole. It is not written in a tablet somewhere that a good people must give away their land. And if it is, in 2017, that tablet must be ground down to cement. Do gooders, sanctimonious folks, like the author, can never answer the question “how much rabble does a good country have to take in before it has taken in enough rabble?” Left wing ideologues can never even acknowledge the question much less answer it. There’s a big world out there and the shifting masses need to look elsewhere for a good long while. It is time for the USA to put up its NO VACANCY sign. We have done our bit, and so much more. The USA is totally clean morally or any other way as regards immigration. Now we must switch to survival mode to avoid the chaos that comes from allowing your cherished land to be overwhelmed by uncontrolled masses. Whether or not we love this rabble is not the issue. We can love them just fine when they stay in their own homelands. That works for me. The time is way overdue for the big immigration con job to end. We have done enough for decades to come. And the illegals among us, especially the free roaming illegal criminal alien felons, who regularly do harm to our citizens, they must go first. Dead or alive. No more con jobs, OK? That’s all over now. All done with. So, Mr. Trump, please take over on 1/21 and carry out your mandate. There is no need for any American to have even a microscopic pang of misgiving. We have been saps long enough, at great cost and at great damage to our culture.

  • It’s the writer of this drivel who needs a lesson. Sessions views are definitely Mainstream. If you’re an American why aren’t you against illegal immigration? I don’t care who they are or where they’re from, they broke into our house and they must go.

  • Anyone who uses the “Southern Poverty Law Center” should immediately be discredited! SPLC should be considered a terrorist organization! They are so full of hate and encourage violence against anything Christian. I do not know if the author is ignorant of their work to destroy all good things in America or not, but he should look more deeply into their history. He should look at the attack on the “Family Research Council” as an example. There a deranged man attacked with the intent of killing every single person in the building. His source of inspiration? SPLC

  • One only has to look at the rapid decline of the middle class since the limits for immigration was raised to over a million per year in the mid sixties and Reagan doing away with our borders in 1986 to understand way we need reform and enforcement of our laws. When you couple our practice now with the free trade agreements it clearly shows that America is world leaders in importing workers and exporting jobs. It has caused a very rapid increase in income inequality by driving down wages with cheap foreign labor and driving up prices with added customers. How sad that even religious people are very fast to play the race card.

  • Irregardless of its past use, it is a slur. It is also racial as most poorer Mexicans are “brown” and mainly descended from Indigenous people. I think it’s necessary to secure our borders and continue deportation of illegal aliens. I just don’t like racists and haters like the majority of you guys here.

  • Time to take away churches’ tax-free status and send them the bill for resettlement fees and living expenses (doctor bills, food, housing, education, jail expenses, etc) and see how fast they change their demands.

  • You have no right to police other peoples’ language. We have the first amendment here. A wetback is more descriptive than “brown person” and makes the communication more specific. You belong in Iran or Saudi Arabia where there is no first amendment.

  • Agree: tolerating illegal activity only encourages more illegal activity.

    Point 2: I’m sure John’s enlightened Roman theology will be a comfort to any folks grieving the loss of loved ones killed by immigrants/refugees brought in from radicalized areas or those who are killed by illegals.

    Point 3: John Gehring, regardless of being a Roman leader, does not get to speak for all Christians.

    Romans 13 is in the Bible too.

  • “Conservative Christian leaders frequently draw from biblical sources.”
    that are 2000 years out of date, when the world’s population was a fraction of what it is today.

  • Good fences do indeed make good neighbors and one might add the timeless maxim “Charity begins at home.” when discussing america’s woefully inadequate immigration policy. Mr. Gehring might imagine that it is christian to burden our poor and middle class workers by importing foreign labor to compete with them thereby lowering their wages and depressing their quality of life but I think Jesus would understand protecting one’s own family from disolution by endeavoring to protect its income and environment. Jeff Sessions obviously understands what Mr. Gehring does not.

  • Illegal immigration is destroying our country. For far to long our politicians have ignored our immigration laws and we have way to many illegals in our country and sucking our welfare system dry, not to mention taking jobs from Americans and lowering wages. We must have a moratorium on all immigration until we get the wall built, deport all criminal aliens, stop refugees from coming into the country until we can properly vet them. This only makes common since.

  • Quoting the SPLC immediately disqualifies any amount of credibility that you might have ever possessed. Sessions represents the views of the majority of Americans. By the way, the Age of Political Correctness is Over. Get used to it.

  • People who shout about enforcing laws they know nothing about are dangerous idiots. In a democracy we expect to know our laws and determine whether they are good and proper before we support them.

    I have yet to see an anti immigration view which demonstrated the person knew jack squat about our immigration laws and system.

    The view is entirely informed by ignorance, paranoia and bigotry.

    Anyone who thinks we can create incentives to keep people from coming here is an effing moron. Short of wrecking our economy to the point it is as bad as the developing world hellholes people came from, they will come.

  • Immigration law is not the same as criminal law. If you got a DWI, you are an idiot who was too foolish to get a ride home. Maybe it’s a wakeup call to drink less and don’t act like a fool.

  • Then stop voting republican. They support cuts to veteran benefits, social services and oppose infrastructure improvement.

  • I believe that this country should STOP all foreigners coming here to live–at least for 5 years–no more coming in to stay! We need a visa entry and EXIT program and go looking for anyone who overstays their visa! We need to STOP all work visas–the H1b & H2B and any other work visa and start sending the ones who are here already home–so those jobs can go to CITIZENS! Companies need to be strongly held accountable in who they have working for them–get rid of your illegal aliens and stop hiring illegal aliens or face big fines and or go to jail if you don’t comply! If you stop all the social services–schooling–health care–welfare–food stamps–housing and the jobs foreigners will stop coming here except legally! If the progressives in BOTH parties continue to fight the changes Trump is planning then they need to be recalled and not elected again! Obozo is building a WALL around his RENTED house so why is he so against a wall on our southern border?

  • Spoken like a dyed in the wool ignorant bigot. Sessions represents a vocal ignorant and hateful section of the population. One who looks for people to blame for their own lack of education, lack of skills and unhealthy choices.

    If your job is in danger from an illegal alien, it means you are so unskilled, so uneducated and so useless to any valuable labor market you can be replaced by someone earning slave wages who doesn’t speak the language. As an American, you should be ashamed to exist. You had a the advantages and opportunities a US citizen has and could do nothing with it.

  • So much dangerous vocal stupidity in one comments section. One would think Breitbart servers are down.

  • I agree with you except for one thing—I think that legal immigration should be stopped until we can get most of our ILLEGAL ALIENS out of the country to make room for legal immigrants!
    I think it should be stopped for say 5 years so we can rid ourselves of all of the illegals first!

  • I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a continuous string of ad hominem, post hoc, non seqitur, and misattribution fallacies such as this one on this website. This is something I normally see on Breitbart.

    It seems the author has found a real hot-button here, a topic capable of bringing out all of the emotion and irrationality of Americans. Good luck in trying to get any of these people to think rationally about this. And I mean that.

    And for those who read this and take offense, I am not saying your conclusion is wrong. Your methodology, however, is tainted with rage and hatred, which calls into question your rationale. YELLING epithets and slurs at those you hate and those you disagree with does not overcome a lack of evidence or logic. It does nothing to convince those who disagree with you that you are correct and will, in fact, emotionally harden them against your position. It stifles conversation.

  • If your job is in danger from an illegal alien, you are an uneducated, unskilled peon whose use to the labor market is nearly non existent.

    You should be ashamed for failing to take advantage of your status as a citizen of a developed country.

    Those people on the work visas have skills you do not. They are a proven asset to the economy. If employers found find the technical skills so easily among citizens, they would be hired in great numbers.

    Trump isn’t going to do squat because the guy never keeps his promises. Not to investors, employees, contractors, or spouses. He says whatever it takes to get support and then runs away once his position is secure. You are gullible and naive to think anything will happen with immigration beyond the status quo. He appealed to your ignorance and bigotry. You bought it.

    The only way to create a disincentive to people coming here is to wreck lie economy to the same level as the hell holes these people came from.

  • Seeing as Jesus did speak on the dissolution of family (in his name) but not on sociology or economics, I think you’re speaking for Jesus in a capacity you can’t biblically support.

  • So you will wreck the economy and then institute actions which will make life intolerable for immigrants and citizens.

    You know which governments were very skilled at deporting millions of people at a time? Nazi Germany and The USSR.

  • I follow your logic, Spuddie, and agree that her statement is full of fallacies, but I don’t see how responding with shaming is going to further conversation here.

    If you think it will, would you mind explaining how for me?

  • Extolling laws one knows nothing about is what people do in a dictatorship. Immigration laws are not criminal laws. If you have to make such an analogy, you are merely demonstrating your ignorance on the subject.

    I am sure we are all comforted by the underground economy and exploitation of people you seem to support with your position. /sarcasm

    Your 3rd point is obvious. Hence most Christians aren’t really worth a damn. They love using their religion as an excuse to attack others and chafe at language employed by Jesus to demonstrate humanity.

  • When I say I favor legal immigration, that does not mean unregulated legal immigration. We have every right to control and limit that immigration to the benefit of our nation. Period.

  • So you favor open borders? You think we can adopt all of the world’s poor? If so, you’re delusional and need treatment. I don’t favor deportations. I favor making their life here intolerable so they will leave on their own. Then they are free to applye for legal immigration status and wait their turn. .

  • When the pope visited, I didn’t see him being concerned with giving compassion to US Citizens who are poor, uneducated, who have lost their jobs to Illegal Aliens. This effect was warned about in 1965:

    “In light of our 5 percent unemployment rate, our worries over the so called population explosion, and our menacingly mounting welfare costs, are we prepared to embrace so great a horde of the world’s unfortunates? At the very least, the hidden mathematics of the bill should be made clear to the public so that they may tell their Congressmen how they feel about providing jobs, schools, homes, security against want, citizen education, and a brotherly welcome… for an indeterminately enormous number of aliens from underprivileged lands.” “We should remember that people accustomed to such marginal existence in their own land will tend to live fully here, to hoard our bounteous minimum wages and our humanitarian welfare handouts…lower our wage and living standards, disrupt our cultural patterns.” Myra C. Hacker, Vice President of the New Jersey Coalition of Patriotic Societies, on the 1965 Hart Celler Act

    “Whatever may be our benevolent intent toward many people, the bill fails to give due consideration to the economic needs, the cultural traditions, and the public sentiment of the citizens of the United States.” Myra C. Hacker, on the 1965 Hart Celler Act

    Also, isn’t it interesting that the catholic church is one of the largest recipient of financial “donations” in the world? If the pope is so concerned for these migrants, then why doesn’t he exhort those countries (including his native Argentina) to take care of their citizens in need?
    Catholic Church collects $1.6 billion in U.S. contracts, grants since 2012

    “Not to be lost in the pomp and circumstance of Pope Francis’ first visit to Washington is the reality that the Catholic Church he oversees has become one of the largest recipients of federal largesse in America.”

    “We also note that the majority of the undocumented are Roman Catholics who would formally join their parishes and help support them with their just wages.”

  • Most Evangelicals are against Illegal Immigration:
    Evangelicals For Biblical Immigration and Cultural Flourishing

    “There are biblical and prudential reasons for opposing “comprehensive immigration reform,” but your otherwise thoughtful article did not acknowledge them.

    I concur with the statistical conclusion of Kellstedt and Hoover, that evangelicals, “white” and otherwise, largely oppose the kind of “comprehensive immigration reform” that President Obama is attempting to enforce despite the disapproval of Congress and most Americans.”
    Poll: 9 in 10 Evangelicals Say Bible Doesn’t Influence Immigration Views

  • The anti immigration view is,built largely on ignorance as to how the system and laws work, coupled with looking for scapegoats.

    Think about how unskilled, uneducated and essentially fungible to the labor market you have to be in order to be replaced by an illegal.alien someone who can only do basic manual labor and doesn’t speak the language. That points to a failure in education for citizens.

    When states do their politically motivated attacks on illegal aliens, various sectors of the economy can’t find workers. Americans would rather collect welfare than work those jobs.

    Despite the prattling here illegal aliens do not collect social services in any real sense, pay into the system more than they receive from it, and have to work to survive. They are more useful than many citizens.

    But anti immigration fever gets fools to vote for things which attack their own interests. Attacks on civil liberties, undermine citizenship rights (anti anchor baby bills are especially dangerously foolish), and undermine their own wages.

  • Agree—and just how CHEAP is that so called cheap labor really when we spend almost $400 BILLION dollars per year on the services we provide them–then who send a great deal of their wages back *home* so they don’t even help our economy by spending here–don’t pay income takes most of the time–and where do we get the $400 BILLION?–from taxes–that’s where–personal and business taxes–so wouldn’t it be simpler to hire citizens who would pay income taxes and spend their money here to help our economy and not have the overpopulation and crime that comes with illegal alien invasion!

  • An Atlantic Monthly article that shows that most economists’ thinking that an increased influx of immigrants provides more jobs for Americans is FALSE and does harm jobs for US workers and the economy:
    The Conscience Of A Liberal–Paul Krugman

    “First, the benefits of immigration to the population already here are small.”
    ” But as Mr. Hanson explains in his paper, reasonable calculations suggest that we’re talking about very small numbers, perhaps as little as 0.1 percent of GDP.

    “My second negative point is that immigration reduces the wages of domestic workers who compete with immigrants. That’s just supply and demand…

    “Finally, the fiscal burden of low-wage immigrants is also pretty clear. ”

    Also, it is patently untrue that “immigrants” are the solution to low rate of start-ups:

  • No. But talking about borders doesn’t address the people already here. About 25-30% of our illegal alien population came here legally. We already adopt the world’s poor. They come here to make a better life. When they can’t, they flee. The economic crash of 2008 did more to drastically reduce the illegal alien population than any enforcement by ICE in the last 20 years.

    You are utterly foolish if you think you can create any kind of disincentive to them coming here. There is no way we can make things worse than the placed they came from. All you do is make it easier to exploit them as illegal labor. You are part of the problem.

  • Even if they were here legally they would not be paying taxes because the wages for their kind of work would put them in too low a bracket. Citizens don’t want their jobs. When they tried to purge illegals from various states, the employers couldn’t find citizens willing to do the work. As a whole illegal aliens have a lower crime rate than the rest of the population.

    Your whole point is based on half considered ignorance.

    Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested

    The U.S. currently has eleven non immigrant guest worker visa programs.

    There is no cap on the number of workers allowed into the U.S. under the H-2A temporary agricultural guest worker visa program.
    “The provision could more than triple the number of H-2B visas for foreign workers seeking jobs at hotels, theme parks, ski resorts, golf courses, landscaping businesses, restaurants and bars. The move is intended to boost the supply of non-agricultural seasonal workers.”

    Alabama had to bite the bullet and hire LEGAL Immigrants for its AG Industry:
    Africans Relocate to Alabama to Fill Jobs After Immigration Law

    “East Coast began calling Atlanta refugee agencies several months ago looking for legal immigrants to come to Alabama for a year, said Mbanfu, refugee employment director for Lutheran Services in Atlanta. He said the company would have taken as many refugees as he could refer. The agency connected East Coast with refugees who had been in the country three to five years, he said.”
    Immigration raids yield jobs for legal workers

    ‘When federal agents descended on six meatpacking plants owned by Swift & Co. in December 2006, they rounded up nearly 1,300 suspected illegal immigrants that made up about 10% of the labor force at the plants.

    But the raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents did not cripple the company or the plants. In fact, they were back up and running at full staff within months by replacing those removed with a significant number of native-born Americans, according to a report by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

    “Whenever there’s an immigration raid, you find white, black and legal immigrant labor lining up to do those jobs that Americans will supposedly not do,” said Swain, who teaches law and political science.”

  • Although Jesus did admonish us to care for the poor he didn’t ask that we invite them into our bed. The US is our home. Lets find a way to help migrants in their homes while we safeguard our country for future american generations with a home worth having, not one that is overcrowded and multicultural to the point of confusion.

  • An unsaved catholic who hasn’t had his spirit regenerated through the New Birth is incapable of rightly dividing the word of truth

  • You are utterly foolish to think we can’t create a disincentive for them to come here. No hope of a job, no social benefits of any kind, no taxpayer-funded assistance at all, a life here as bleak or worse for an illegal than where they came from and they will leave. As you said yourself, the economic crisis sent many of them home. The border must still be sealed to help prevent the drug trafficking, the human trafficking, and infiltration by some really evil people.

    BTW, I presume that everyone here understands that when we issue driver’s licenses to illegals that also register them to vote with no confirmation at all of their eligibility, that then allows them to cast ballots in our elections? And there is absolutely no possible way of even quantifying that problem? Even voter ID at the polls cannot help because they have their driver’s license as a ID! Ever wonder how many completely fraudulent votes are cast in every election? We don’t know and can’t find out, but it could be a lot.

  • You have no perspective whatsoever. 50 years of trying to make life difficult for illegal aliens has done nothing to act as a disincentive. You are dealing in fantasy or not thinking things through. Making their hiring illegal has not quelled the demand for their labor. Much like the war on drugs, strict and draconian laws and enforcement only create greater profit motives. There is only so much you can before you start affecting the comfort and rights of citizens. All you are doing is making social services difficult for citizens to get in your fear that some landscaper or domestic might be in trouble.

    They don’t get any kind of social services beyond those most bare ones to prevent public hazard. The idea that get welfare and food stamps is a myth.

    The border is the border. It is a separate issue. You can’t seal the country from all foreigners coming and going through the country.

    You want to know my idea for how to handle this, make illegal immigration for anyone who has not violated any other criminal laws a penalty with a stiff fine. You pay, you stay. The bad act is punished with a penalty which is proportionate. Justice is served. People who are contributing to the country end up staying. Only the worst criminal types or those who don’t earn enough to be useful to the nation would avoid such a documentation process. Best of all, it’s not an amnesty.

  • We have immigration laws. What we need is to make everyone come in by extensive background check.
    Obama has put our country at a GREAT risk by allowing the UN to pick the Refugees. Open borders only allows foreign countries to dump their criminals on us to support.
    Crime rate in my area is the worse than 35 years I have lived here. CA Liberals doing NOTHING to protect our Citizens. News doesn’t report crimes.
    Our Deputies and Border Patrol can’t do their job.
    We need a strong AG WHO will allow our Law Enforcement to do their job. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY

  • People like you don’t want money spent on USCIS administrative functions, just flashy ICE enforcement. So what major flaws exist in our ability to check backgrounds and process visas get worse and worse.

    Refugees are vetted more stringently than any immigrant visa. Refugee status carries benefits greater than most visas.

    We don’t have open borders either. At least a quarter of our illegal alien population came here through legal methods and overstayed. So all the talk of the borders doesn’t even address the situation adequately.

    As a developed and democratic nation we owe a duty to take in refugees. The US has a history of successfully integrating refugee surge in a way no other nation had. Every refugee wave is met with hostility and it is always misplaced.

    Just to make the point further, refusing refugees at the door is signing their death warrant. A refugee is only granted such status if they can demonstrate a credible fear of being killed or severely harmed if returned to their nation.

  • Many of the illegals are from all OVER the world. I don’t know what Obama promised Mexico if they allowed South America kids, Middle Eastern, African, Cuba illegals to cross Mexico to the USA.
    The Terrors and fraud must STOP. Criminals sent back to home country. Why is Obama so insistence on the Terrors out of GTMO. That’s our Navy Base. Prefer for terrors prison.

  • Our Lord did not command us to commit suicide. Our own poor people are suffering from the avalanche of legal and illegal immigrants. We all know the churches are making a fortune by colluding with the government bringing in all the cheap labor to take our jobs. Shame on you – double shame for using the Word of God for your new world order agenda. You might fool some people but you will never fool God.

  • “You belong in Iran or Saudi Arabia where there is no first amendment.”

    What an ignorant thing to say! I have the right to call out your obviously racist speech just as you have the right to spew your hate and I will defend your right to do so. I am for tightening our borders and deporting illegals, especially the criminals. But I don’t hate them or have to resort to slurs or all caps to make my point.

  • The automatic registry to vote in CA upon issuance of a driver’s license must be followed up with a birth certificate and other information before it’s complete. Those illegals issued DLs in CA will not be allowed to vote. Either you are knowingly lying or you took someone’s word for it without checking it out. A simple check of the DMV website would have given you the facts. This was also debunked on

  • “Your whole point is based on half considered ignorance.”

    No, full fledged ignorance. They all seem to get their misinformation from the same flawed sources.

  • Re dinkerduo’s “We need to STOP all work visas–the H1b & H2B and any other work visa and start sending the ones who are here already home–so those jobs can go to CITIZENS!…If the progressives in BOTH parties continue to fight the changes Trump is planning then they need to be recalled and not elected again!”:

    It’s not immigrants who threaten U.S. jobs. It’s greedy corporate executives (enabled by their Legislative and soon-to-be Executive assistants) that seek profit at all costs, including by offshoring work, onshoring workers, automating job duties, having customers perform unpaid work, eliminating former customer services, and eliminating basic ongoing maintenance and improvements.

    Here are just a few obvious examples:

    “He [Donald Trump] shipped jobs to 12 countries, including Mexico.” (Hillary Clinton) —
    Washington Post’s Fact Checker: “This is correct. Trump has a long history of outsourcing a variety of his products and has acknowledged doing so. We know of at least 12 countries where Trump products were manufactured (China, the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Turkey, Slovenia, Honduras, Germany, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea). Further, Trump products transited other countries through the packaging and shipping process — meaning workers in more than 12 countries contributed to getting many of Trump’s products made, packaged and delivered to the United States.”

    Donald Trump continues to bring workers from other countries to take U.S. jobs —
    Washington Post’s The Fix: “Two hundred sixty-nine of those [five hundred thirteen] positions began after Donald Trump declared his candidacy for the presidency. The cost for all of these positions adds up to a bit over $900,000 in MONTHLY [emphasis mine] salary alone [i.e., not including benefits].”

    Robots making appliances, handling money, delivering packages, running warehouses, operating factories, performing surgeries, serving food, working in laboratories, driving cars, checking groceries, managing pharmacies, calling customers, building robots…

    Customer labor
    When’s the last time you didn’t have to take your groceries from the store to your car? When’s the last time you didn’t have to take your luggage from your car to your room? When’s the last time you didn’t have to listen to phone menus, press the right buttons, and then hope you just might be fortunate enough to eventually speak to a human?

    Eliminating services
    Employees dedicated to keeping public bathrooms clean, supplied, inviting, and safe; sufficient employees to usually prevent and always minimize customer wait times; gas station employees to fill your car’s tank, wipe your windows, and check your oil & tires; garbage disposal employees taking full trash cans from the side of your house and returning them empty without you having to provide them with curb service; etc.

    Eliminating maintenance
    Roads, bridges, and signs; railways, trains, and train cars; building inspections, health and safety inspections, end-to-end utility service inspections; secure utility stations and mass transit facilities; comprehensive computer and communications security; etc.

    The REALLY big problem is that all this isn’t happening only in the U.S.; and if only U.S. corporations and politicians address this problem, then our businesses will not be able to compete, and our employment, our economy, and eventually our country will all fail.

    I imagine the only way to solve this is through a coordinated international effort. However, as widespread, malignant, and foreseeable as this very real pandemic is, I don’t see such a coordinated cure on our horizon, or on our children’s horizon, or on theirs, or theirs…

    But any way you look at it, NONE of this is the fault of immigrants — despite the widespread, malignant, and foreseeable claims of our corporate and political leaders.

  • You mean the same Paul Krugman that is always extreme and wrong? Like when he predicted the market disaster when Trump won the election?

    The business want more to pay less, not that hard to figure out. It’s the same everywhere.

    I’m sure your job is not impacted by this influx of H!-B visas or skill workers, correct?

  • You not only have no perspective, you’re delusional. The demand for cheap labor is no reason to condone lawbreaking. Besides, no one said that after the illegal issue is dealt with that a well regulated guest worker program can’t be implemented for temporary seasonal workers. No one said that foreign visitors can’t be admitted either provided they have the required documentation (passports, etc.). The truth is that illegals take far more in social benefits such as welfare, food stamps, free medical care in our ERs, free educations, etc. than they contribute to our tax base; the American taxpayer is funding them to the tune of billions each year when we already have a $20 trillion debt. Your assertion to the contrary is either a big mistake or a lie, you choose. And I have no “fear” at all “that some landscaper or domestic might be in trouble”.

  • “Followed up” how? Until what is “complete”? Their driver’s license is not issued or their voter registration is not recorded? They are not registered until they either return to the DMV with the documentation or they are supposed to mail it in? You have more faith in the system than I, however, some other states have no such assurances.

  • Don’t talk to me about law breaking until you learn about the immigration laws in the first place and understand how very different they are from our criminal law system. A suspected criminal has far greater due process rights and civil liberties than immigration violators. If you have to make the analogy between an illegal alien and a criminal, it means you are just wildly ignorant on the subject but too vocal to care.

    Guest worker programs don’t work. We should not be taking lessons from Europe on matters of immigration. They don’t work because people who stay here long enough grow roots here. When they do, they deserve to stay here without being exploited by their employers. Most work visa measures allegedly done to protect American workers do the opposite when implemented. They allow for foreign workers to be hired below market wages and make them beholden to an employer who exploits them in order to stay in the country.

    “The truth is that illegals take far more in social benefits such as welfare, food stamps, free medical care in our ERs, free educations, etc. than they contribute to our tax base”

    No it’s not the truth, it is a flat out lie which us repeated constantly. Medical in an e/r is meant as a way to keep people from being health hazards to the public. A bare minimum for the sake of a community. You are lying about the costs of supporting illegal aliens. They pay into the system the same way most impoverished working people do. They pay sales taxes and through their rents pay property taxes. They can’t draw public social services like welfare or food stamps. The idea that are this big drain on our government serviced isn’t even remotely plausible. My bet is you are just repeating nonsense from a nativism site that attacks all immigration.

    The long and short of it us, we are not North Korea. Our country cannot seal itself off from the outside world and pretend everything will function. As a developed country we depend on immigration to replenish our labor force caused by a shrinking family size. We depend on foreign investment in our country. Our strength has come from the constant flow of people from all over the world to here.

  • This discussion is getting tiresome so I’m ending my end of it with a final comment. We fundamentally disagree. You apparently favor the illegal immigrants which implies you favor open borders and adopting all the world’s poor. I do not. I believe that as a sovereign nations we have every right to regulate who is allowed in our nation at any time and should do so. I also believe that laws exist for a purpose and should be enforced. Therefore, I want borders enforced and illegals to leave. You do not. I don’t think you have a valid argument but obviously you don’t think I do either. So be it. Have a good day.

  • Well maybe if you bothered to inform yourself on the subject from credible sources, used a little common sense and didn’t resort to paranoid bigotry based screeds, the conversation might be worthwhile.

    You are too lazy to read what I was posting, so you make up some garbage about my position on borders. Let me put it to you this way, the amount of foreign investment in the US makes any idea of sealing off the country from foreigners monumentally ridiculous.

    As for making life difficult for illegal aliens, let me relate to you another country’s issue with them. In China, they have issues with North Korean illegal aliens. To be caught and deported is a virtual death sentence. To hire them is to court severe punishment that only a dictatorship can dream up. Yet people are still wiling to get over a heavily militarily defended border to eventually work at factories where conditions are so bad they install anti suicide netting. So what makes anyone possibly think a democratic economically developed nation can possibly create a disincentive?

    You throw terms around you do not understsnd. You talk of laws you are utterly ignorant about. That makes for dangerous garbage in a nation where we do not follow our government blindly without question.

  • Refugees are not like illegal aliens. They can become citizens. Seems like someone is ignorant of how immigration works and bigoted against foreigners.

  • That is why CA gives more money to the federal government than it receives in benefits and has one of the highest per capita incomes in the nation.

  • @Jim: Who cares about ‘racist speech’? Plus who even defines such a ridiculous term? I’m tired of all the Liberals screaming the ‘racist’ card to silence opinions of those they are opposed, then they turn around and use the same type of language against Conservative people and ideals and call it ‘freedom of speech’.

    I don’t feel I necessarily need to engage in name calling myself, but stop trying to condemn an entire position, due to a specific word or phrase. It’s just too old and over. About the ONLY thing I agree with Liberals is ALL SPEECH is free speech, irrespective if YOU like it, condone it, agree with it…or not.

  • ALL immigration needs to be put on slow-motion! Our country needs to heal, become American again and remove the hyphenations Obama forced on us, via Executive Fiat. Immigration is fine, under normal circumstances, but we are not living in ‘normal’ times after 8-years of Obama and crazy Liberalism run wild. ALL Illegal-Aliens must be sent home, to wherever they came from. Legal immigration should be drastically reduced until native-born Americans have full employment. Until then, it should be stopped completely, or very close to completely. Revisit again in 4-years.

  • @Spuddie: you seriously just wrote: ‘About 25-30% of our illegal alien population came here legally.’ Are you serious? Close those spigots! THAT is EXACTLY what we are talking about here…stopping the opportunity for them to come here in the first place.

  • You wear tin-foil hats @Spuddie? So the NAACP is a black supremacist front? One cannot be one, if the other is not.

  • OK, define ‘refugee’. Obama has a definition he is using that I would like to argue! Tens-of-thousands of potential terrorists are coming into America and ‘disappearing’ because of his use of the definition of ‘refugee’.

    Build the safe zones in the Middle East and LEAVE THE TERRORISTS THERE.

  • We have too many people here and in the world. READ. They are flooding into Europe causing lots of crime and in USSA also disease, murder, welfare, unemployment, crime, traffic, medical costs. Trump got started big with a promise to get rid of 11 million illegals. We have been told for several years that are that many illegals in the country. By now there are many more than that and somebody called Hispanics the world’s fast breeders.
    With so many and with demos spending us into the hole ‘buying’ their votes, which is why they are allowing them here, we have a huge debt.

  • Really full of yourself, aren’t you? The fact that you can assign characteristics to someone you know nothing about exemplifies your distorted views.

  • “YELLING epithets and slurs at those you hate and those you disagree with does not overcome a lack of evidence or logic. It does nothing to convince those who disagree with you that you are correct and will, in fact, emotionally harden them against your position. It stifles conversation.”

    I think this might be equally well addressed to the pro – illegal immigration side.

    I said several months ago to a particularly bigoted leftist poster here that if tRump should win the presidency the left will have only themselves to thank for at best contemptuously dismissing, and at worst attacking outright, mainstream Americans who have very real and very reasonable concerns about the government’s refusal to enforce our immigration laws.

    Did you ever once warn any Dems about the “emotional hardening” they were performing upon these voters? While there was time to reverse it, perhaps?

  • With all the hysterical, dishonest and paranoid nonsense floating around here, arrogance comes easy. The one invariable aspect of the anti immigration pov is the total and complete ignorance it’s adherents have as to the actual laws and system they talk about. Not only don’t you guys know squat about them, you actively avoid finding out for yourself.

    Basically it’s really all about looking for a group you can still demonize in public with social approval. Haters spewing nonsense. Self destructive fact free ignorant nonsense.

  • So you don’t really know what a refugee is. Of course. Ignorance is the norm for your POV.

    There is a standard definition by the USCIS. The definition of refugee is people who have a credible and well founded fear of death or severe harm if sent back to their home country. You might as well advocate executing them at the border. That is what you are asking for. Mass murder of people who are fleeing atrocity, mostly by Islamicist terrorism.

    As for “disappearing” that is an outright lie on your part. Refugee status is vetted further than any other form of immigration specifically because of the narrow definition of status and,benefits of permanent residence. You have no clue what you are talking about, or are just repeating outright fiction.

    They are potential terrorists because they are Muslim? Is that what you are really trying to say here?

    You are doing the handiwork of ISIS by demonizing refugees. ISIS doesn’t want people fleeing them to the west. They intentionally spread stories about refugees to play into just your kind of paranoid reaction.

    You are an unpaid ISIS stooge. A terrorist lackey too ignorant and bigoted to realize it.

  • Hurling insults doesn’t refute the link I attached earlier. I can’t help it if the links between your POV and neo Nazis are so damn obvious.

  • You are a fool. That “spigot” is a modern economy where billions of dollars, people and stuff pass through our nation in one form or another. Do you realize how much foreign investment in the US is made? How many foreign companies produce things here, or have major offices here, or how ugh money they put into the economy?

    Immigration is one aspect which needs our economy moving, keeps workforce numbers from shrinking and is an inevitability to all developed nations.

    Fact of the matter is our work visa system is dysfunctional, exploitive and accounts for a significant number of illegal aliens who didn’t have to be. I could go into further detail, but you do not appear interested in facts or sane sensible positions.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did spud boy come unglued? Can only come up with insults? Who is ignorant? You spud boy, you are the ignoramus.

  • That’s the best response you can come up with? Flinging poo like a diarhetic chimpanzee. I guess it is far easier than being informed on a subject.

  • You are quite wrong on the question of both the question of welfare and food stamps. My aunt worked in the health and human services division of Multnomah County for many years and could attest personally to the existence of improperly vetted benefits to improperly documented aliens. Further, my wife was employed in a service industry where her fellow employees’ many of whom were undocumented were drawing wages equal to hers and also benefiting from the programs you cited at the same time. Have you no concept of the phrase “corruption in government for political ends?”

  • The plural of anecdotes is not data.

    US citizen children of illegal aliens are eligible for benefits. The “welfare queen in a Cadillac” story is a common exaggeration used to attack all people taking public assistance. Use an embellishment to pretend it is the norm.

  • The senator has a right to his views, but dressing them up in Christian clothing is an insult to those who take Jesus seriously.
    ————-Oh, but “dressing up” support for illegal aliens and more immigration in Christian clothing is just what people like the author do. Even the Pope has acknowledged the right of countries to regulate immigration. Nor is it a matter of Christian doctrine to support immigration. Finally, the US is NOT a “Christian” country, but a secular one, and WWJD is NOT, and should not be, a basis for government policy.

  • The author of this piece, not Jeff Sessions, needs a biblical lesson about immigration. In Ancient Israel foreigners were welcome on an individual basis, on the condition that they integrated in the nation and became Jewish proselytes. The admonition to care for the “stranger” is almost always accompanied by the addition “and the Levite”. i.e. the class who couldn’t possess land because they were bound to the service of the Temple. Only in this theocratic context Biblical Israel was able to care for strangers and homeless who sought shelter in the Jewish State.

    The biblical commandments concerning strangers, widows and orphans, &c, are not without a religious, moral and social context. They have nothing to do with the modern phenomenon of mass immigration from foreign war areas. There exists no biblical obligation for states and countries to receive millions of economical immigrants. This is just leftist misuse of texts which has no basis in a scholarly interpretation of the Bible.

  • HINT: Read the Krugman article. This may be the first time he got it right! He shows how “immigrants” are a detriment to the US workforce.

  • Those who break the law to have gotten here should be sent back where they came from. To do otherwise is to make a mockery of the law and make laws selectively enforced. This just causes more disrespect for those enforcing laws. If nothing else, it is an affront to those who have actually gone through all the proper legal steps to get into this country watch everyone else waltz in illegally and be here months or years before those who came here in a proper and legal manner.

  • They suppress the paychecks of the poorest of America’s citizens by working for peanuts. I guess you think that a glorious thing. A plant in Georgia was raided a few years ago and ICE took out all the illegals. The plant had to pay $1/hour to get Americans to do the labor. Don’t tell me they don’t suppress wages!

  • Stop your whining. Eisenhower had “Operation Wetback” which was the official name. Get over yourself.

  • You look in the mirror chimp spud boy! Then you might want to get a resume together with all the jobs that are going to be availability, even to someone as mentally challenged as yourself. You lost spuddy, you lost. AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Thank you for demonstrating that your average Breitbart commenter is an ignorant cretin who wouldn’t know a fact if it came up and bit them. I am going to block you now. It is obvious you have nothing of value to say.

  • When Alabama had its great purge of illegal aliens a few years back, they couldn’t find anyone willing to do the work. Even at decent wages.

    The sad truth is conservatives already killed the idea that unskilled industrial labor can earn a middle class wage. Attacks on organized labor, “right to work” legislation and cutting back workers compensation protections and removing regulations which protected workers from management excesses ensured that.

    Those plants can easily move to Mexico, China, India without any kind of
    loss of profits. But those workers won’t be paying in to the US

    If your job is in danger of being supplanted by an illegal alien, it means you are far too uneducated, unskilled and essentially fungible to be of much value to the labor market to begin with. Even under the best of conditions, you would be earning just enough to require public assistance to survive. Many companies are bilking the government by paying near starvation wages and expecting employees to use public assistance rather than pay them enough to survive on. This is far more costly and pervasive than anything you can honestly trace to illegal labor.

    More to the point if not for draconian penalties for illegal alienage, the plants would not be able to get away with paying near slave wages for so long. In an underground economy, greater penalties simply mean greater profits. Without the fear of deportation, the workers would have recourse to demand more (assuming conservatives haven’t completely gutted the department of labor). The current laws prevents public notice of management excesses. Harsh penalties actually encourage greater exploitation of illegal alien labor. The companies get a fine which amounts to the cost of doing business, hire a new set illegal aliens and repeat.

    To a conservative politician, low wage workers are expected to die of active neglect by government. Their usefulness being a function of how easily they can be whipped up into a hysterical frenzy (usually by employing bigotry as a rallying point).

    If such immigration violations were punishable by a stiff fine, then you would be getting workers out of the underground economy. Those who are productive enough to have savings buy their way into the same situation as the rest of us. It would not be an amnesty because there would be punishment for the offense. One actually proportional, just and serves the real purpose to society which is to do away with an underground labor economy.

  • As I said, those who talk about enforcing laws, should really get to know what they are first. In this case we have immigration laws which are contradictory, draconian and work at cross purposes.

    Rather than talking about laws in the abstract, make some effort to understand what they are. Otherwise it makes your argument look like the kind of foolishness one associates with dictatorships. Where one does not question our government or methods.

    In this case, the laws which are used against illegal aliens serve an unintended function of making their labor more profitable and exploitation of them easy. Our legal immigration system is dysfunctional in many ways and accounts for causing at least 25-30% of our illegal aliens. People who did not come here illegally, but overstayed after work or education visas were revoked. People essentially exploited by our immigration system and people who mistakenly believe they are protecting American workers (but really aren’t). Added to that a lack of due process which makes any analogy of immigration law to criminal law a complete ignorant farce.

    The other thing is, none of you people who talk about “use the legal immigration system” understand how it works nor ever want to fund it adequately. One of the biggest problems USCIS has is a lack of manpower and funding. This means even many legal visas have abominably long processing times and are prone to abuse. Especially work visas. They all want more money for ICE, but nobody wants to adequately fund the most important element of it, the administrative end of immigration.

  • And it would only take a .22 caliber into the top of your mouth & that “too many people here” complaint of yours would drop by one deplorable. And where exactly in the world is that “USSA” that is being flooded?

    As to that “huge debt” – where were YOU when shrubby more than doubled it?

  • I’m very familiar with what a refugee is, but since there are so many places on Earth that can use that designation…very interesting we have a Muslim sympathizer in office for last 8-years, our Middle East policy in complete disarray and 30K Muslim ‘refugees’ here.

    Why not from N. Korea, Cambodia, Venezuela, or a host of other non-Muslim countries with similar reasons to be here as ‘refugees’?

    Easy answer: because Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants the Muslim population in America to increase dramatically and he could care less if that includes terrorists from those countries where verification of identity is IMPOSSIBLE.

    I care about Americans first, everyone else second. Yep, it’s like THAT!

  • We need to give Americans jobs, education and success – not the ‘rest of the world’. We are not the UN, nor should we aim to be; that organization is defunct and crippled by political correctness and cronyism. Disgusting actually.

    Immigration has caused America to start to lose it’s own identity. Money is secondary to family and country. I could care less, so would most people. If you had ‘money’ but lost the foundations of your country, your argument is somehow that ‘worth it’. I could not disagree more!

    Too much immigration (legal or illegal) is VERY bad for the country…any country. But, we have been the exception and taken in so many millions, they don’t even want to become Americans anymore, unless it means them getting tax dollars to grow their families…to get more tax dollars – to go out and protest! Again, disgusting. We need a change.

  • So you are essentially railing against a modern international economy. If Americans had all the necessary skills, capital and markets to keep the economy afloat all by themselves, your statement would not sound so childish. But fact of the matter is foreign investment is a vital part to our nation. Reality is strongly biased against your position.

    We are still not North Korea. A country which can seal itself off from the outside world and pretend everything is going to be fine. You really should change your moniker. You have more in common with the Kim family of the DPRK than sane Americans.

    Immigration IS our identity. Our strength is from the inflow of people from all around the world. New ideas, new markets, a way to stave off population shrinkage due to economic, political and education growth. The inability to compete with people who are more motivated than you, more willing to work hard and sacrifice, who may have skills and education most Americans lack, speaks badly for your worth in the market.

    BTW the whole tax dollars thing is a flat out lie. Most immigrants and even permanent residents are prohibited from collecting public assistance. You want to save money and support our nation’s ability to function, then attack corporate welfare and tax laws which burden the middle class unduly. Attack companies who steal from public assistance by not paying full time workers living wages. But don’t blame the people who by circumstances must work to survive.

  • So Captain America hates the first amendment. How ironic a moniker. Freedom of religion is something you clearly oppose. You seem to have a problem with the concept that all religions have a right to be practiced in America (within all reasonable limits)

    I sympathize with anyone fleeing war, atrocity and terror. I sympathize with anyone who can be instrumental in fighting fanaticism. Our nation has always drawn strength from such people.

    “Why not from N. Korea, Cambodia, Venezuela, or a host of other non-Muslim countries with similar reasons to be here as ‘refugees’?”

    Ignorant argument. Those people come here too. When one sees massive exoduses of people from those places, no doubt they become a refugee issue here. You really have no clue what you are talking about.

    “Easy answer: because Barack HUSSEIN Obama wants the Muslim population in America to increase dramatically”

    It is clear, you are batshit crazy. The largest influx of Muslims to this country was in 1979 with people fleeing the Iranian revolution. We take in far more refugees from central America than the middle East. Our Muslim population is still statistically miniscule. Of course coupling your statement with the secret Muslim president bullshit only means that you aren’t interested in actual facts and just like repeating nonsense.

    You don’t care about America at all. If you did, you would not be so quick to destroy it’s very principles.

  • “New occasions teach new duties. Time makes ancient good uncouth.” We don’t use the “n” word for blacks -because we now know better. We don’t use “wetback” for the same reason. Those immigrants you mentioned in the 1950’s had been invited by the USA to tend the crops while the soldiers were fighting — Those immigrants saved the farms and the whole agricultural industry from failure by their hard work. They also did all kinds of other jobs in factories and when the folks returned from Europe and Japan – those who had saved the day (including many American women working manufacturing jobs) were told to go back to their country or their kitchen… Another lesson we learned in WWII was our terrible mistake of confiscating (and never returning) the property of Japanese Americans – and interring them in camps – because they were of Japanese descent. That’s something else we ought not do again. “W..back” is now a slur. It is offensive to most of those who are given the label. They are appropriately Mexican Americans or Mexicans.

  • The common usage of the term “Illegal aliens” is quite recent. “Undocumented immigrants” was the common term. Migration was assumed to be a natural condition. People move – all over the world – people move to better conditions for their families. Mexico once included over 1/3 of the USA. Mexican people moved up and down the continent following the crops, spending time with their relatives. Spanish and indigenous tribal dialects were the language of California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, the Dakotas. People migrated for centuries following the agricultural patterns and providing for their families. They have never stopped . The language of “Invasion from the South” “illegals” and “illegal aliens” is the invention of the modern conservative movement – Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe, etc. – And now watch — as there will be a bunch of new “private prisons” built which will make a fortune on “illegal aliens” – which they would never have made from “undocumented immigrants.” Criminalizing immigration is a new idea in America.

  • It is in fact data because the events and actions described did in fact occur and are not isolated events. Knowing the cupidity of the human race of whatever background, it is the height of naivete’ to presume that such subterfuges are not widespread.

  • The idea it is not an isolated event is your conjecture and conflation without some source on the subject on a macro sense. Just because you feel something must be true, doesn’t make it so.

  • That sounds good on the surface but you’re not exactly correct. Alien is the name of anyone who is in a country besides their own whether or not they are there legally or illegally–so if someone is in a country without proper documentation–such as a visa–they are considered an *illegal aliens* no matter what country they are in.

  • To be perfectly honest, I did not realize that our country was so remarkably polarized in perspectives. I didn’t realize that so many felt so disenfranchised. And, given the execrable treatment of people left-of-center on the conservative blogs and websites I frequent, I figured that the massive polarization I did see was due to the extremist natures that emerge when people are angry, anonymous, and limited in how much nuance they can convey in communications; in short, I thought it was the norm and that it would did not indicate anything important because, I assumed, “this is just how people behave.”

    I would like to say that, had I known otherwise, I would have cautioned respectable discourse and active listening. But all I can really say is that I regret my ignorance and will work to encourage it now.

    So, to answer your question: no. I did not encourage any Democrats to avoid alienating people. Furthermore, I didn’t encourage anybody to avoid doing so to others.

  • The Bible cannot be rightly divided when ones spirit is dead in trespasses & sin. I read the Bible off & on for three and one half yrs, could not understand any of it. Then one day on a lunch break at the machine shop I worked I realized I had been in unbelief right along. When God shewed me my need for His Son , I asked Christ to save me. After, when I opened the Bible God gave me understanding because my spirit was quickened by the Holy Spirit.

  • Your blog is so good, do I have your permission to copy and paste it onto a Facebook page of politicians who need assurance Americans support their anti-illegal stances? Specifically, I’m referring to the members of the Freedom Caucus, who were targeted at Alexandria recently.

  • Generational White Americans descended from the Founders and the Revolution Generation are classified as “The Posterity” in our Founding Documents! That means we are the legitimate heirs intended to be the Majority Ruling Party in this country, and Christianity was intended to be the Majority religion of the US also! The efforts of the Left to replace the generation White Christian Majority with tens of millions of piss poor Third World Socialist and criminal peasants has been a disaster since 1965, resulting in the decline and degradation of this nation into savagery! ALL NON-WHITE, NON-CHRISTIAN, NON-ENGLISH IMMIGRATION SHOULD BE SHUT OFF FOR THE NEXT 50 YEARS TO RETURN THE DEMOGRAPHIC MAKEUP OF THIS COUNTRY TO WHAT IT WAS INTENDED TO BE! Unless we take that step, this will not continue to be a Constitutional Republic but a Third-World Socialist Banana Republic filled with inferior, unskilled peasants ruled by masters!

  • Illegals with work permits are needed for agricultural work here in US. For all other jobs Americans supposedly won’t do, they can be encouraged to do so by eliminating welfare and food stamps for the able-bodied. We also have millions of legal immigrants who would probably fills the jobs illegals are doing if their benefits are cut off also! The fastest way for a nation to sink into the mire is to provide welfare benefits to an endless stream of legals and illegals entering a country. The US cannot continue to be a Welfare State and also have liberal immigration, certainly not when we have 95 million Americans out of the workforce! We need training programs for the jobs which go unfilled rather than bringing in foreigners!

  • Nazi says wut?

    I hate to break the news to you, but when you m0r0ns talk about “White Genocide” you are really just admitting to being sexually inadequate. That you are so lacking in social skills that you are unable to mate with racist white women and procreate.

  • Really? Perhaps you didn’t know 1/3 of our jail and prison cells are filled with illegal aliens. And are you also ignorant of the fact that 600,000 crimes have been committed just in Texas by illegal aliens since 2011? Since Blacks commit 55% of the violent crime in US, it’s probably valid to claim illegals commit fewer crimes than they do, but that isn’t saying much, now is it? There are 40 million Blacks and 30-40 million illegals. The exact figure cannot possible be known because the Dems keep it a closely guarded secret, claiming it’s really ONLY 11 to 12 million. That’s one of the lies of the 21st century, on par with Obama’s Obamacare lies.

  • I strongly recommend you copy and paste your blog and post it on the Facebook page of our Secretary of Labor, assuming we have one. I haven’t checked lately. Too many holdups in Congress to suit me.

  • Granting amnesty in 1986 as Reagan did also encouraged more illegals to flood into our country! We were promised in 1986 that the borders would be closed to any further illegal immigration so the same problems wouldn’t be repeated (they were), and we were almost promised that NO FURTHER AMNESTIES WOULD BE GRANTED! But the Gang of 8 in Congress, including Marco Rubio, tried to ram it down our throats, and Homeland Insecurity Kelly just granted amnesty to 100,000 more illegal DACA’s! Obviously, promises made by presidents don’t matter a damn to government officials!

  • I can’t even pretend you are worth taking seriously. Is this the plan that you guys came up with on Stormfront? I guess when you live in your mom’s basement, you have no conception of what people do to support themselves or how a modern economy works.

    Welfare States have higher standards of living, more developed infrastructure and longer life spans than Austerity types.

  • You’ve made so many erroneous assumptions about me I’m not even going to bother to correct all the falsehoods in your stupid post!

  • I might add that Reagan reluctantly went along with that amnesty in return for Tip O’Neill’s promise to secure the border. After the amnesty was granted, the dishonorable Speaker of the House O’Neill went back on his word and ignored the border security, a significant contributor to the illegal immigration that we have seen since 1986. The Democrats were liars back then and still are.

  • Here are some of the biggest lies the Democrats have been spouting:
    1. There are ONLY 11-12 million illegals in US.
    2. We Democrats support American workers, and always have.
    3. All religions are comparable; Christianity is no better than Islam.
    4. Sanctuary cities are safer than those cities which don’t protect illegals.
    5. Obamacare shouldn’t be repealed; it should be fixed and improved.
    6. The majority of Americans prefer Obamacare despite its “problems.”
    7. Americans prefer one-payer Socialized medicine option for everyone.
    8. US should abide by conditions of Paris Climate Accord even if it bankrupts us.
    9. A travel ban discriminates against Islam as a religion rather than terrorists.
    12. Former lawless AG Eric Holder should be able to run against Trump in 2020.

    Yah, right! No wonder no thinking person believes anything the Dems tell us!