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Religion News Service Board of Managers affirms commitment to accuracy, integrity

The Religion News Service Board of Managers, comprised of both seasoned journalists and nonprofit professionals, is dedicated to honoring the legacy and preserving the future of our organization.

Our commitment to the integrity of RNS, founded in 1934, includes ensuring it maintains the highest standards of accuracy. When we are notified that a story may contain errors, our process is to carefully review the facts and determine whether a correction is required. This process was not followed by our editor-in-chief in recent weeks, and contributed to our decision to make a leadership change.

Accuracy is our most cherished value. In the age of “fake news” accusations, its importance cannot be overstated.

We are committed to maintaining the trust of our readers and ensuring that RNS continues to be the most trusted source for news about faith, spirituality, culture and ethics. As we launch a national search for its next editor-in-chief, we look forward to working with our CEO and publisher, our interim editor-in-chief and our dedicated team of talented journalists and professionals to continue advancing our mission.


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