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Why white evangelicals voted for Trump: Fear, power and nostalgia

Historian John Fea, author of “Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.”

(RNS) It’s now a famous (infamous?) truism that 81 percent of white evangelicals supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. In doing so, evangelical leaders cast aside their past and very public statements about the importance of strong moral character for those in leadership.

It makes a certain kind of sense that some white evangelicals voted for Trump instead of Hillary Clinton in the general election because they objected to Clinton on abortion and other issues. It does not, however, make sense that many of these same voters supported Trump as early as the primaries, when there were experienced evangelical candidates still in the race.

How did this realignment happen in American religion and politics? Or is it even a realignment?

John Fea has recently written the book Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump, which takes a deeper look at how this fits into nearly two centuries of white evangelicals’ history. Fea, a historian at Messiah College, traces it to three things: fear, power and nostalgia.

Religion News Service interviewed Fea about the book. His responses follow.

Of the three elements you highlight, you start with fear, saying that white evangelicals’ embrace of Donald Trump stems out of their long history of being afraid of certain kinds of change. So did you see his victory coming?

No. Frankly, I was so caught up in the moment myself that I kind of lost my historical sensibility for a month or two. It wasn’t until the emotions died down that as a historian I began to see the pattern, the continuity. This is not new.

At every moment of social, cultural or demographic change in history, there have been Americans who have felt threatened, and have responded with fear. Almost every time that happens, evangelicals seem to be at the forefront of the backlash to change. For example, when Catholic immigrants start arriving in the country in the 1840s and ’50s, it’s evangelical Christians who are fearful about a change taking place in their Protestant nation. Or when slaves rebel in the 19th-century South, there becomes this great fear of slave rebellions, which prompts evangelicals to promote slavery in their writings.

So white evangelicals see Trump as a strongman who will protect them from their fears? He seemed very adept at stoking those very fears.

It’s not that the other GOP candidates didn’t also appeal to fears. Ted Cruz was one of the biggest fearmongers that there was. But somehow Trump managed to convince voters that he was stronger and better at protecting them than these other candidates.

I think this gets at why evangelicals turned to Trump when there were other, more traditional Christian conservative candidates in the race, like Cruz or Marco Rubio or Ben Carson.

Your second point is that white evangelicals have bought into the idea that the only way to have an impact on the culture is to seize upon worldly power. What were the roads not taken? What else could they have done instead?

The history of American evangelicals appealing to political power is a relatively new history, maybe going back to the late 1970s and 1980s with the rise of the Christian right. I argued in “Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? that evangelicals had been in power in America up until the 1960s in terms of determining what would be America’s cultural symbols, understanding of marriage, and position on other social issues. It’s not until those traditional values become challenged in the 1960s that evangelicals begin this new strategy of pursuing political power as a way to reclaim the culture.

Since the 1960s, there have also been some evangelical approaches to politics that are unrelated, or do not call for the pursuit of political power, like James Davidson Hunter’s idea of “faithful presence” or Michael Gerson’s call for evangelicals to learn more from Catholic social theory. Or there are Dutch Reformed people who are followers of Abraham Kuyper, who did not advocate seizing political power in the way the Christian right wants to do. And since the early 1970s, people on the evangelical left, like Jim Wallis and Ron Sider, have called for a different kind of evangelical power. But the right refuses to adopt any of these models, and has instead built their entire political philosophy on changing the culture by trying to elect leaders who will follow their agenda.

Your third point is that white evangelicals voted for Trump because of nostalgia. “Make America Great Again” is a slogan custom-built for white people, men especially. For the rest of us, the past really wasn’t so great.

I think a lot of people, when they hear “Make America Great Again,” tend to focus on the word “great.” But as a historian, I’m immediately attracted to the word “again.”

If white evangelicals are going to embrace that slogan, I think they at least have to articulate: When was America great? What golden age do they want to return to? The 1980s? The 1950s? So as a historian, I want to think more critically about the phrase “Make America Great Again.” First identify which period they mean, and then look at the period in more depth. Who was benefiting in that period, and who was not included?

Race is at the heart of this. I ask my African-American friends, “What is the best time in American history to live?” and they say, “Right now!” No African-Americans want to go back to a previous era.

You’ve coined the phrase “court evangelicals” to describe religious leaders like Robert Jeffress and Paula White who have cozied up to Trump. What do you mean?

I was struck by the fact that Trump created an evangelical advisory council, which he did not do for any other religious group. When religious leaders invest in political power in that way, it becomes very difficult for them to speak with a prophetic voice to the political leader they are hoping is going to champion their views.

So as I watched many of these evangelical ministers visiting the White House for photo ops with the president, then sharing these photos on Twitter and boasting about the “unprecedented access” that they had to the president, all of this reminded me as a historian of the Renaissance-era priests and other courtiers who came to the king’s throne to flatter him and praise his greatness. They did not speak any kind of prophetic critique to the king — they were there for selfish reasons, to get in his good graces. So I worry when evangelical ministers like Paula White, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Robert Jeffress praise Trump as the most Christian president we’ve ever had. This has the potential of weakening their credibility among people who may actually need to hear the good news of the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ.

Finally, you dedicate your book to the 19 percent of white evangelicals who did not vote for Trump. What do you want to say to them with this book?

I dedicate the book to the 19 percent not because they’re my primary audience, but because they seem to have seen through Trump. They’ve made a decision that Trump is not good — not just for the nation, but also for the church. So I hope the book might provide some history and arguments that the 19 percent can offer to their evangelical friends who did vote for Donald Trump and are having second thoughts, or are at least open to further evidence and dialogue. But my main audience, I think, is those evangelicals who voted for Trump who are open to reason and evidence and historical arguments that may suggest electing Trump was a bad idea.


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Senior columnist Jana Riess is the author of many books, including "The Prayer Wheel" (Random House/Convergent, 2018) and "The Next Mormons: How Millennials Are Changing the LDS Church" (Oxford University Press, 2019). She has a PhD in American religious history from Columbia University.


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  • Roy Moore expressed it best when he chastised his opponent Doug Jones prior to his defeat when he said that Jones and his Democrat [sic] supporters were “trying to change our culture.” He then went on to clarify that by fuming over gay marriage and transgender people using public restrooms. Curiously, there was no mention of abortion, something about which evangelicals like the child molestor Moore claim to abhor as much as they do gay marriage.

    Gay people like me who have long been on the receiving end of Moore’s vitriol and that of his like-minded evangelical cohorts have long known that WE are the ones they’re talking about when they express their great fear that liberals are setting about to “change their culture.” And of course, they’ve had two decades of Fox News fanning the flames of their cultural fears that if gay people gain something they stand to lose something. What that something is has never been articulated, they just know that they will lose it, whatever IT is.

    I can tell you what IT is: the fear of no longer being able to feel superior to people they used to look down on. You can most certainly add black and brown people to that mix. So without gay people, black people and brown people to disparage, Roy Moore’s peeps are left to contemplate their own miserable lives with no one on whom to blame their personal failures. THIS is what is meant by the cutesy euphemism “cultural anxiety,” which commentators often use so they won’t have to address the real reason white, southern, rural evangelicals feel threatened by a changing society. THIS is why evangelicals have solidly embraced Trump. And now they’ll be getting a hard-right conservative Supreme Court justice who will put all those cultural fears to rest. I’m sure for them it was worth the wait. Why wouldn’t it be?

  • Fear, power, nostalgia. That’s part of it.

    But you left out two others: money, and the religious aspect of power, aka DOMINION. Shore up their faith and their certainties, and pay for it all in the easy coin of other people’s lives.

  • Okay, so John Fea’s book is “dedicated to the 19 percent” of evangelicals who supported a “strong moral character” politician like (ahem!) Hillary Clinton, instead of supporting a “strong moral character” politician like (ahem!) President Trump.

    Well, no worries. The 2016 election is over anyway, although some folks still need reminders. The simple fact is that the flat-out “lesser of two evils” won the 2016 election.

    (Which is the ONLY reason why constitutional religious freedom still exists for you and I or anybody, as of July 4, 2018.)

    As for those 19 percenters? Hope they enjoy Fea’s book. Based on this RNS article, it will apparently say the libbie stuff they want to hear. Me, I’ll just pass and save my cash.

  • Shadrach, Meshack, Abednego and the Bible, tells me everything I need to know about global warming and other such stuff. That’s why I bow to Trump.

    “ But my main audience, I think, is those evangelicals who voted for Trump who are open to reason and evidence and historical arguments that may suggest electing Trump was a bad idea.” Hey, John Fey, not sure if this will be a New York Times best seller. Just sayin…

  • It’s strange to me that Fea would not point out that Cruz and Rubio are Latinos and Carson is African American. White Evangelicals wanted a white man who would bring back an era when all power was vested in white men, and who better than a white man to lead them to it?

  • Fear, power, and control are part of the LBGTQ propaganda program.

    Oh, and anti-religionism.

  • Or, the decades between the end of Reconstruction and the demise, still incomplete de facto, of Jim Crow.

  • That 81% of white evangelicals supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election remains an unproven datum repeated by the same folks that love “she won the popular vote” and “it was all the Russians colluding with Trump”.

    John Fea teaches American history at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

    But this is not history, this is advocacy.

    He dislikes Trump, and he likes what he calls the “19%” – which may or may not exist – but he has no hard data.


    If you go to his blog for today’s date:

    I believe you’ll agree with my impression that this was a free plug by Jana Reiss

    to advance the Resistance.

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  • “White Evangelicals wanted a white man who would bring back an era when all power was vested in white men” would probably go well with some evidence.

  • Yes, it reminds me of humorist Charles Farrar Browne’s 1863 fictional endorsement created for advertising material for a set of lectures he was performing as “Artemus Ward”:

    “I have never heard any of your lectures, but from what I can learn I should say that for people who like the kind of lectures you deliver, they are just the kind of lectures such people like. – O. Abe”

    Next they’ll be selling locks of Hillary’s hair.

    One hopes they’ll draw the line this side of underwear.

  • We are out to “change their culture”! From one of fear and hate to one of tolerance and respect! From one of special rights for one group to a culture of equal rights for all groups. From a culture that promotes lies about history, science, religion, other people, other cultures to a culture that promotes honesty, fair play, reality checks, real news not “fake” news, a culture of truth. Their culture is a losing proposition.

  • There is also the wannabe fascists who felt enabled by Trump with his open appeals to racism and xenophobia and retweeting of white supremacist memes. Trump is the only presidential candidate since 1914 to have the endorsement of the KKK.

  • What concerns me about this phenomena is pundits like our author here who seem to begin from a posture of moral superiority over Christian Trump supporters. This is precisely the attitude that drove so many people into Trump’s arms. This is also why Trumps victory flabbergasted so many of the elite- they really lived in different world’s and made little attempts to really understand these people. To say that people support Trump because they live in fear, are hungry for power, and can’t get past some good ol’ days, is to assign motives not discover them.

  • This is the stereotypical liberal Christian trying to figure out why evangelicals thought voting for a corrupt and immoral politician like Hillary, who despised them along with anyone else not on the left, was a really bad idea. Fear for their children, and the kind of amoral and immoral culture that they would face, of course played a role. Nostalgia? Nice word to demean a desire to retain a culture that did not destroy institutions like marriage and politics, that normalized any and all behavior while silencing anyone who does not agree. Power? Try defensive: after all neither the big business GOP or the god-rejecting Dems would look out for them. Now it’s to be expected that mainline denominations and liberal Catholics would find a way to squeeze their consciences into a pretzel to support voting for Hillary, because she was going to pursue policies that would marginalize the kind of people bloggers on this and other sites consider Neanderthals, but evangelicals saw clearly then, and even more so now, that cultural issues, economic vitality, foreign policy, immigration, and military affairs needed new leadership, however flawed and imperfect the president might be. Substance was the reason evangelicals voted as they did, something liberals cannot abide in their lemming like mindset.

  • I believe it was heterosexuals who have been destroying marriage for decades.

    The rest of your s reed follows the same lack of thinking.

  • Thank you for the kind word, screed. Its not much in use these days, especially in Oakland.

  • “Nice word to demean a desire to retain a culture that did not destroy institutions like marriage and politics”

    You guys support corrupt bigoted serial adulterer and admitted sexual predator. You are in no position to be criticizing liberal Christians or anyone. You have made it clear you have no morals, no values, no conscience. Only malice and greed. It was all about trying to grab power and force others to do as you want.

    Given we have on this site conservative Christians like Tony Perkins supporting putting children in concentration camps, there really is no depth they can’t sink to. They have proven themselves to be below contempt and without decency by any sane individual.

    “Cultural issues, economic vitality, foreign policy, immigration, and military affairs ”

    All of which are turning to crap under the current administration and its useless conservative christian toadies supporting it. Trade wars, diplomatic mess, discrimination in the military, the VA turning to garbage, huge deficits to be borne by working people, locking up children in gulags, this is the result of the crap judgement of evangelical voters.

    “Substance was the reason evangelicals voted as they did”

    The only substance evangelicals have is effluence.

  • “who seem to begin from a posture of moral superiority over Christian Trump supporters”

    ANYONE has a posture of moral superiority over Christian Trump supporters. They are a craven bunch who have demonstrated no moral fiber, values or conscience. Just a desire to grab power and harm others. Any pretense of “values” is long gone. We no longer have to pretend to take that eyewash seriously anymore.

    These are not people “driven into Trump’s arms” as much as driven away from more traditional GOP candidates who were more subtle about being malicious bigots. Who needs to be nice to such people? They certainly feel no need to respect the lives of others, propriety or civility. So take your tone policing stance and shove it.

    “To say that people support Trump because they live in fear, are hungry for power, and can’t get past some good ol’ days, is to assign motives not discover them.”

    Yet it is entirely accurate in describing why people support such a corrupt valueless malicious person as president. Conservative Christians have given up any pretense of a platform besides, “take as much as they can”/

  • Why, of course Trump evangelicals voted for his biblical and Christian values and life choices: bearing false witness, multiple divorces, serial sexual affairs, assaulting women, cheating others in pursuit of earthly treasure, oppression of strangers, disdain for the poor and suffering, etc. ad nauseam.

  • “Philippic” is another wonderful word fallen into disuse. It’s historical origins render it quite apt when applied to Trump.

  • Just a quick note to the racist socialists present – white men would have voted for Rubio OR Cruz (just not crooked Hilary). If you recall, Cruz was almost the nominee.
    What you group identify socialists don’t understand is that conservatives vote for ideals and principles; not gay, female, black, Latino, union, tree hugger, pro murder etc.
    YOU are the biggest racists around because you equate everything with race. The fact is your ideas suck and the bulk of America doesn’t want to play identity politics anymore.

  • Trump is the first president since 1914 to have the endorsement of the KKK. He is the only president to be obvious about his support of the white supremacy platform. Retweeting their screeds and even using their terminology.

    “conservatives vote for ideals and principles; not gay, female, black, Latino, union, tree hugger, pro murder etc. ”

    Yes you are admitting conservatives are short sighted bigoted malicious derps. That is about the only honest thing I have seen from you.

    “YOU are the biggest racists around because you equate everything with race.”

    Um, when you defend people from being attacked on the basis of their race, its not being racist.

    No, you are the racist and apparently thin skinned about it. How pathetic.

  • When you’re told that God wants you to vote for a specific candidate, as Evangelical leaders told their people to vote for Trump, it’s actually amazing that almost 20% of them rebelled against God’s clear instructions. They’re probably never going to publicly admit it because they’d probably be disciplined or even booted from their church for their rebellion. But it’s got to stick in the craw of Evangelical leaders that 20% of their followers refused to submit to a command from God and vote for Trump.

  • As for Trump’s cardinal promise to “build the wall,” 60 percent support “a combination of physical and electronic barriers” on the southern border and 69 percent want Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to continue its work and not be abolished — despite the left vilifying it as the Gestapo. In fact, 70 percent want even stricter enforcement of immigration law. That includes deportations: 64 percent say those who come into the country illegally should be “sent home” rather than “allowed to stay.” That also applies to parents who cross the border illegally with children in tow: 61 percent say they should be sent home.

    And while 88 percent believe families entering the country illegally should be kept together, 53 percent want them held in custody until their case is adjudicated. That figure rises to 55 percent supporting detention for illegals without children. So much for “catch and release.” And on sanctuary cities, an astounding 84 percent oppose their policy of not notifying federal immigration authorities when an illegal alien has been taken into custody. These results put into bold relief just how extremist the Democrats are on these issues.

  • Fuzzy heterosexuals, the same idiots who removed homosexuality from the DSM, thought divorce was a great idea, and predicted divorce would have lasting benefits for children by removing or mitigating conflict.

    The last Administration was full of these folks from the sandals and bean sprouts set, Ivy League schools, and the social sciences.

  • Yes, the simple fact that Hillary was unacceptable to the electorate in the majority of the states and that the Democratic Convention was a rigged crowning, not an actual democratic process, keeps eluding the apologists for Tom Dewey II.

  • “You guys” – if you didn’t have adjectives, you wouldn’t be able to post.

  • “ANYONE has a posture of moral superiority over Christian Trump supporters.”

    You’re really a Maxine Waters sock puppet, right?

  • The 19-20% appears to come from thin air, based as it is on the 81% which is also essentially unsupported.

    The only significant church group which actually specified a candidate in a national election historically are the black churches, particularly in the 2008 and 2012 elections.

    Thus, no rebellion, no clear instructions, nothing, just the sad losers making up excuses.

  • Which of the three KKKs are you referring to?

    1st Klan 1865–1871

    2nd Klan 1915–1944

    3rd Klan 1946–present

    The first Klan flourished in the late 1860s, then died out by the early 1870s. It tried to overthrow the Republican state governments during the Reconstruction Era, especially by using violence against African-American leaders. It was suppressed around 1871 by federal law enforcement. It worked closely with the Democratic Party in the South.

    The second was founded in the South in 1915 and it flourished nationwide in the early and mid-1920s. It sought to maintain white supremacy, took a pro-prohibition stance, opposed Catholics and Jews, stressed its opposition to the Catholic Church at a time of high immigration from the Catholic nations of Central Europe and Southern Europe. It also worked closely with the Democratic Party in the South.

    The current KKK emerged after 1950 as localized and isolated groups that use the KKK name. As of 2016, the Anti-Defamation League puts total Klan membership nationwide at around 3,000. It’s the first KKK manifestation that is not primarily aligned with the Democratic Party since the election of Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964.

  • Yep, Trump supporters are a pretty gullible lot.

    They want to spend billions that we don’t have anymore, thanks to the major tax giveaway to the wealthy, and spend it on anything useful like infrastructure? Nope, on a wall which will never be built.

    Stupid, self destructive and malicious doesn’t even scratch the surface here.

    Most Americans don’t even know how our immigration system works, virtually no conservatives ever do. You want to waste money and resources to treat manual labor like the black death, but don’t want to spend it for actual law enforcement or improving conditions for those who work for a living. If there is a valid asylum claim, then one is not entering illegally. So you already work off a dishonest premise.

    All polls show is that you have a lot of short sighted, ignorant and panicky people. Assuming you were even being honest here, you give no link to the figured you claimed. Which means your little tirade was probably completely bogus.

    BTW what you call catch and release was actually a fairly functional system for handling asylum claims. Trump lied about how that worked like he lies about everything.

    BTW, there are still over 2000 children in concentration camps with no effort at reuniting them with their parents. Family separation is still a working policy as is ransoming children to get parents to waive asylum claims.

    Trump and his supporters have sunken to new depths of depravity and malice.

  • Good for them. Fetus worship is immoral and ridiculous.

    Also not a denial of my statement that Trump is a white supremacist.

    Your admission is duly noted.

  • What nonsense.

    You are obviously ignorant of the fact that there are plenty of LGBTQ individuals who are practicing Christians.

    What LGBTQ people want (and I am not any of those) is to be free of prejudice and hatred; it’s clear to me that their only agenda is to be left alone to live their lives.

    By contrast, the agenda of many “devout” religious folks–especially including evangelical “Christians”, but not limited to them–is to be free to express their hatreds, and to control the private behavior of LGBTQ individuals.

  • I think Prof. Fea makes great sense, and has enormous intellectual integrity and bravery.

    And I’m a life-long heathen.

  • White evangelicalism in America has always been closely tied to racism, and it remains so today. Fundamentalists hated blacks and fundamentalist preachers took care to remove any references to social justice and helping the poor to avoid offending their bigoted white congregations. This has carried over to evangelicalism today, which continues to hate and fear anyone with dark skin. All Trump did was carry that further into the political arena.

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.”

  • Yes, all three versions were closely aligned with the white conservatives bigots in the South. They used to call themselves Democrats, now they vote Republican. Or were you trying to skip over that little point of history?

  • Bigoted white evangelicals are having trouble accepting that America belongs to us, not them.

  • Careful…hatred of the sort you’re showing is more harmful to you than the objects of your venom. Take a breath, realize that overblown and untruthful rhetoric such as “gulag” and “concentration camp” neither advance your cause nor display anything more than a troubled mind. Put aside politics for a while and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. Peace.

  • There is no such thing as a “tax giveaway”, to the wealthy or anyone else. Private property, including money, belongs to those who have title to.

    There IS such a thing as a tax theft, which you highly endorse as long as it’s somebody’s else money.

    And you never tire of proving “Most Americans don’t even know how our immigration system works” by posting nonsense about immigration, thus demonstrating that ignorance is prolific.

    Yes, even if you have a valid asylum claim, illegal entry remains illegal entry.

    “Catch and release” was actually a fairly functional system for handling asylum claims if the goal was to increase the number of illegal aliens in the USA. If the goal was preserving the integrity of the border, not so much.

    There are no “concentration camps” in the USA, so there can’t be one child in one, let alone 2,000 children in them.

  • That is rich, tone trolling. After you fired off hateful and malicious nonsense at others. But evidently you don’t like an honest response to such nonsense. You are snowflake. By all means feel offended by my response. Your post was offensive enough to warrant a response.

    Obviously you expected people to still take your nonsense seriously. That you had any kind of values or moral fiber. Sorry, but the pretense is long gone. You gladly make excuses for a moral sewer of a political leader, yet still gather the nerve to accuse others of denigrating society. Yes, you made it clear values and moral standards are only for others, not you. The rest of the world is seeing what kind of petty, malicious bigoted lying hypocrites conservative Christians are.

    You are objecting to honest descriptions of the detention centers for children taken from their parents in a malicious move to hold them random. Tough luck. It is what it is. To support such things is to demonstrate nothing short of moral depravity.

    By all means feel uncomfortable with the association. But trying to call it something else is just attempting to rationalize an entirely repugnant action.

    But on the bright side, have a happy 4th of July. Try to appreciate what and why we celebrate it. 🙂

  • In Trump’s America that LBJ quote can’t be repeated often enough for the simple reason that it captures Trump’s M.O. in a nutshell.

  • You are a snowflake. By all means feel offended by my characterization.

    You gladly make excuses for a moral sewer of a presidential candidate and her corrupt lackeys, yet still gather the nerve to accuse others of denigrating society. The world is seeing what kind of petty, malicious bigoted lying hypocrites her supporters are.

    You continue to characterize detention centers for children taken from their parents in accordance with laws and a Federal court order as “concentration camps”.

  • In your own words – it is impossible to defend something that doesn’t exist.
    GOODNIGHT everyone…. I’m here all week.

  • “Put aside politics for a while and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.”

    So, I assume you enjoy the beauty of . . . . .

    • Horrible birth defects
    • Tornadoes
    • Mosquitoes
    • Cancer
    • Earthquakes
    • Ticks
    • Epidermolysis Bullosa
    • Lions eating zebras
    • Volcanoes
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Tsunamis
    • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    • Vitiligo
    • Bedbugs
    • Donald Trump, and the people who voted for him

    The astonishing thing is that multitudes of people choose to worship, praise, and glorify this Heavenly Monster.

  • Dude. The American people KNOW that the immigration policy is broken. They further know that Obama and the socialist party want to fundamentally change the demographics of this country for their own power.
    The light has been shined on the roaches. It’s too bad you use people as pawns for your political purposes. The same way the democrats…I mean socialists have used blacks since the 60’s.
    Dude; grow up – go to you tube and click on: walk away movement

  • I’m glad you put Trump right after bedbugs. If there’s anyone I’d wish an “infestation” (to use Trump’s word for migrants) of bedbugs on, it’s Trump. Of course, if he stays in one of his own hotels I probably won’t even have to do any wishing – it will just happen all by itself.

  • I read recently where someone said that in the expression MAGA, “again” is the operative word, making it incumbent on those who support Trump to articulate exactly when they think America was “great” and why. Of course, they will never do that because it exposes too much of their dark side to the light of day and they’d rather keep all that hidden away beneath the surface where it can smolder and fester, just like all their petty resentments.

  • Dude, people like yourself are the reason it is not only broken, but there is little impetus to fix it.

    Goon squads, bigoted rhetoric, locking up toddlers, attacking legal immigration, and demonizing refugees and asylum seekers is not fixing the problem. It is just malicious nonsense capitalizing on a situation.

    Our nation does not ever need to descend into fascist policies, white supremacist garbage and savagery in order to survive. You are not supporting our nation you are looking to destroy it.

    Btw take your walkaway and shove it somewhere painful. You just can’t handle people who see your nonsense for what it is.

  • I would think for was the early-mid 80s…when Emperor Reagan ruled and his kind got all sorts of tax breaks for development that ultimately led to the Recession of 1991 (not to mention the 80s were the Era of Cheap Cocaine). It was also the era where he swindled so many people to gain his wealth (ask the Atlantic City contractors he stiffed).

  • I am sure that sounded witty and made sense in your head. On the page it just looks silly. Take a few days off for the holiday. Collect your thoughts and relax.

  • Abortion might be seriously crimped if we could only bring back that “kill first born males” edict. /s

  • Why the culture of those that are out to harm America! The culture of those that don’t have a clue about what it is that “Makes America Great”! The culture of those that want the right to discriminate against those that reject their “values”! The culture of those that have abandoned concepts of honor, integrity, honesty, fair play, TRUTH, justice and equal rights for all for false idols.

    Since I suspect you are one of those that don’t know what it is that”Makes America Great” I will tell you. It is our Collective, Compassionate CONSCIENCE.

    It is true that far too often we are asleep at the wheel. BUT when our CONSCIENCE kicks in, when we wake up and say enough is enough, what you are doing is WRONG, we, as in We the People are better than that, when we set aside our differences and work together for the common good WE can accomplish great things. WE can change our culture, move it in a positive direction. WE can really “Make America Great Again”!

    To do so we need to “Dump Trump, and all his cronies” His sycophant cabinet members, the groveling Evangelical Christians, the Neo Nazi skin heads, the Republican Politicians who have sold their own souls for a handful of silver and have put him in a position where we can destroy all that is good about America.

    BUT it must be done without violence. I can’t stress this enough. We can’t become what they are. We are better than that.

    Words are the most powerful weapons in the world. We need to vote with our feet, walk out of the churches and abandon the groups that don’t support our values of equal rights and dignity for all.We need to VOTE in the elections and remove people from local school boards, city councils, governorships, state houses and the US House and Senate and put people in positions that support our American values of peace and prosperity and equal rights for all people.

    It is time to Dump Trump and his cronies that are trying to destroy all that is great about America. It is time for our Collective Compassionate Conscience to wake up. Our personal honor and integrity depend on it.

  • The Christianists have always lived by “what’s in it for me.” Look at their “leaders.” “Prosperity Gospel” is an organized process, FFS.

    There really is no such thing as a religious moral authority. Constitutional rule of law, as abused and manipulable as it is by those with power and or money, and serving as a lowest threshold for justice in its reduction to “do whatever you can escape conviction from,” *still* has it all over a system that lets everyone be their own interpreter of how divine judgment applies.

  • Thin skinned much?
    The rational people in the democrat party are realizing the move of their party to socialism and anarchy.
    The #walkaway movement are your own people who have figured out they don’t want to destroy the country like you do.
    They also realized that the real haters, bigots, racists and threat to the 1st amendment comes from the left. The consequences of 20 years of political correctness is becoming apparant.
    I not only need to worry about your soul, I also have to worry about your politics now…

  • “While it may be alarming to discover that born again Christians are more likely than others to experience a divorce, that pattern has been in place for quite some time. Even more disturbing, perhaps, is that when those individuals experience a divorce many of them feel their community of faith provides rejection rather than support and healing. But the research also raises questions regarding the effectiveness of how churches minister to families. The ultimate responsibility for a marriage belongs to the husband and wife, but the high incidence of divorce within the Christian community challenges the idea that churches provide truly practical and life-changing support for marriages.” –George Barna

    Matthew 7:15-20 “You will know them by their fruits.”

    There are a few ironies here. I particularly appreciate the use of the subjunctive, “experience a divorce,” as if it were rain on your picnic.

  • So you’re talking about Maxine Walters, the “Resistance”, and the yahoos in the last administration.

    I do understand it was quite the shock to find that after eight years of the coming of the millennium, we don’t need no laws, we don’t need no borders, the electorate in the majority of the states rejected that approach.

    I do understand that it is quite the shock to find that they did not find Hillary “What difference does it make?” Clinton convincing, nor did they appreciate being called “deplorables”.

    I do understand that it is tough to deal with historically low unemployment, rising wages, rising value of the dollar, and somebody who doesn’t genuflect to every foreign leader and zany idea.

    I do understand.

    Understand that you should try to get used to it, because it is real.

  • I guess you are so used to an echo chamber that you can’t handle it when people call you out on obvious nonsense.

    By all means play avoidance games and keep burning strawmen in response. Oh well.

    Have a happy 4th . Just remember what we are celebrating.

  • That 61% included Madame Almost-President herself, BEFORE she secured the Democratic nomination:

    From the Huffington Post, Aug.19, 2015:

    –Hillary Clinton this week defended her call to deport children from the U.S. who are fleeing violence in Central America. Speaking at a press conference in Las Vegas on Tuesday, the former secretary of state and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination said that deporting the children, many of whom are seeking asylum, would send a “responsible message” that would deter Central American families from sending their children.

    ‘Specifically with respect to children on the border, if you remember, we had an emergency, and it was very important to send a message to families in Central America: Do not let your children take this very dangerous journey,’ Clinton said.

    When them Dems evolve, they evolve FAST!

  • If the mouth of Bob didn’t have a lack of information, he wouldn’t have any information whatsoever.

  • Should also point out — Frank Collins, aka Frank Cohen of Skokie Ill fame.
    C-O-I-N-T-E-L P-R-O
    I’d be surprised if the kkk was even legitimate for 5 years of it’s creation.
    Lenin said — “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.”

  • Did Jana not get the memo???

    Race is just a social construct. Why does the White race get singled out for negative attributes. Never the positive.
    No White Genocide.

  • The world is seeing what kind of petty, malicious bigoted lying hypocrites Christians are, thanks to you, Bob.

  • You forgot about mothers’ rights not to die of complications from pregnancy, because Christians like yourself are all like, “Give us your babies to f*ck.”

  • Thank you for demonstrating your detailed, inside knowledge of the KKK’s social media presence.

  • Being as only the current iteration of the Klan could have possibly endorsed Trump, I assume there are other reasons for this history lesson that only gets trotted out thousands of times per day by the conservative commentariat like Pavlov’s dogs to a bell?

  • Do you care that you’re appearing to endorse our resident N@zi’s conspiracy theories?
    Collin’s (not Collins’) alleged Jewish heritage was being known in intra-American N@zi circles a decade before the Skokie march.

  • Hmmmmmm..

    Gay people “destroy marriage” by fighting for it and getting married, staying together despite all of the social forces arrayed to tear our relationships apart..

    Heterosexuals defend marriage by getting divorced despite all of the social forces arrayed to keep them together, a 40-70% illegitimacy rate, showing the importance of marriage, a 30-50% divorce rate, if they bothered to get married at all, and a 25-33% adultery rate.

    Does. Not. Compute.

  • In any case, Spuddie does not care for facts.

    I will let you worry about whatever the h-ll you’re talking about.

  • Since that “this history lesson that only gets trotted out thousands of times per
    day by the conservative commentariat like Pavlov’s dogs to a bell” exists in this conversation only in the unsupported comment to which I’m replying, I’m not particularly concerned about it, nor the potential 3,000 endorsements (the current membership of whatever is now calling itself the KKK).

  • Why, with all that was mentioned above, was Trump still better than “crooked Hillary”?

  • You might find it interesting to know that behavioral science has discovered an important principle of human behavior: those who know the least about a given topic, are the most confident in their statements. This is for real. It explains, among other things, why education makes people less sure of “facts” (i.e., less dogmatic)–and, probably correspondingly, why so many folks are afraid of education.

  • Oh….
    Gorsuch and federal judges
    Tax cuts
    No Paris climate agreement
    Reduction in regulations
    Increase in jobs
    Keystone pipeline
    GDP up. Stock market up
    working on improving VA
    Rebuilding military
    Defeated ISIS
    travel ban
    Us embassy to Jerusalem
    Us hostages released from Korea
    Building wall
    Dismantling ACA
    most important-not Hillary.

  • Heh. I’m always amused when condescending political zealots presume to stereotype me. If you want to know why I, or any other individual, would vote for a particular candidate, why not just ask?

    As for me, when I cast a vote for public office, while I certainly hope that individual will hold themselves accountable to the moral standards I value, I’m also realistic and I recognize that most of these candidates are not Christians. I’m not electing a prophet or a saint, and I know that going in. Both choices in the previous election had ethical concerns, although, sadly, voters on BOTH sides are quick to ignore and deny those concerns when it comes to their preferred candidate. THAT is intellectual dishonesty.

    In the case of the last election, I voted for the candidate who I felt would best manage the country. That opinion was of course informed by my political ideology, which trends toward the conservative side. President Trump was clearly not a conservative, but he was undeniably more conservative than the other candidate, and more likely to value a strong military, border security, a strong economy built on thriving free enterprise, and most importantly, was far more likely to appoint Supreme Court judges committed to Constitutional Law, rather than legislating from the bench.

    These are the reasons I voted the way I did. Anyone of course is welcome to disagree with my opinions, but please don’t presume to know my mind better than I do. Thanks guys.

  • Loved Russia/hated Russia – russia reset
    Benghazi- lied about Arab spring
    Withdrawal from Iraq
    Personal email server
    Clinton foundation
    Friend of Wall Street
    Started Hillary care
    Vince foster and the other dead people
    Saul alinsky

  • The #walkaway “movement” is just another conservative PR move at demonizing the Democratic party. Which is the correct adjective, by the way. There is no “democrat party.”

  • Sorry Bob I am talking about you and your kind.

    It is true I do happen to disagree with you and your kind about what it is that “Makes America Great”.

    About the “values” that are important to make a great society and that help make us better people, as a nation and as individuals.

    AND as I said in the first post those are values and ideals that I suspect you and your kind don’t comprehend.

    These are: honesty,integrity, honor, justice, fair play, value Truth, equal rights for all–and that includes for you and your kind though you and your kind wouldn’t grant such rights to me. But then I am better then you and your kind!

  • It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, especially after reading some of the commenters here.

  • Sorry, Susan, you say pretty much the same things about everyone you disagree with.

    I have a pretty good feeling that I have as good or better an understanding of honesty, integrity, honor, justice, fair play, valuing Truth, equal rights for all – even your kind who thinks she’s better than the people she disagrees with – than you do.

    And thinking you’re better you have in common with Hillary Clinton, who thinks everyone she disagrees with is “deplorable”.

  • Evangelicals are conservative and generally vote that way. The evangelical vote for Bush and Romney were similar to the percentage of those voting Trump. Based on my experience here in rural SC, Hillary was never an option for the faithful.

  • Dude – this is not some RNC or GOPpac set up. This is a legit video that is gaining steam. I will admit that it is being stoked by on line conservatives that are passing it around; but that is no different than any movement on the left. The washpost article says as much. The other was was more general, but was similar in tone; although I never made it to the end with all the pop ups.
    Slow down and read the words….
    And then, #walkaway

  • Interesting cut and paste spam. A lot of it shows what kind of ignorant cretins call themselves conservatives these days.

  • “No White Genocide.”

    White Genocide is what neo-nazi incels call their inability to mate. Its really kind of pathetic how much it is an expression of their personal inadequacy.

  • Yup, poll results show its easy to rile up bigots and get them to support boneheaded measures.

    Interesting that there is no link to the actual article. So I guess you cut and pasted it from a conservative site posting it second hand.

    Of course none of that changes the repugnant nature of Trump’s actual policy in place. Whataboutism is an argument which really makes Trump supporters look like scum. The premise being that any kind of corrupt and harmful nonsense is OK if you can accuse others of the same.

    All it shows is that you have no morals to speak of on the subject and think anything is OK if you someone else does it. That great conservative christian moral fiber rearing its head.

  • If you want to discuss how she and Obama handled Benghazi. I’m all for having that conversation. Not To mention that lying turd Susan Rice

  • Tater, you ought to know by now that I do not post unless I know what I’m talking about. How many times must you be humiliated before you get it?

    Ok, so is your claim that the quote is fraudulent? Say yes and I will supply it. Say no and what are you beefing about?

    “… anything is OK if you someone else does it.” No, the point is, as usual, that you are a hypocrite.

  • I know by now that you generally don’t know what you are talking about, will lie incessantly, avoid anything which looks like credible action and will double down on dishonesty. Honest people would provide a link when asked. You are not an honest person

    No link to the story. I won’t ask a second time. Its safe to assume I was right and you were cutting and pasting from a different source.

    OK. No need for a further conversation on the subject.

    “No, the point is, as usual, that you are a hypocrite.”

    Calling me a hypocrite still means you are morally depraved and supporting bad actions yourself, but want excuses for it Just avoidance tactics to keep from giving an opinion on repugnant actions by the current administration. The point is you are a terrible person looking to excuse terrible actions by a POS for a POTUS.

  • Several congressional hearings by hostile Republicans turned up nothing. Sorry but you lost your chance to make that something other than a joke expression by conservative derps.

  • “Not all of us use talking points.”

    You are not one of them. Your posts are nothing but talking points and flat out lying for its own sake.

  • You forgot the most important one — guaranteed to nominate SCOTUS justices who would shred our Constitution beyond any ability of the nation to recover.

  • This is the hatred that put Trump in the White House in 2016. Its continuance will put him in again in 2020. Burn, baby, burn!

  • And so you ARE claiming that the quote is fraudulent. OK:

    www dot

    And now you owe an apology.

  • Tater, even while I laugh, I can not help but wonder, what exactly do you get out of making a fool of yourself? Anyone, even you, could look up the article from the information I gave (which also stood no chance of triggering the asinine Disqus spam detection which would require me to re-post, like I just did), and now you simply look like either the liar that you project upon everyone else or, alternatively, an uninformed mouthbreather who was completely unaware of the contentious issues within his own party during the nomination process. Which is it?

  • I can’t help it if you have an aversion to facts and honest presentation of them. I guess you had to be shamed into doing the credible thing there.

    Anyway, it looks like the administration is trying to trick families into signing away their right to asylum claims in an effort to get their kids back.

    “We are seeing cases where people who have passed credible fear interviews and have pending asylum claims are being given this form,” said Lee Gelernt, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union who is leading the class action lawsuit for family reunification.”

    Trump is literally holding children for ransom. All you can do its point to nonsense which has nothing to do with the current policy and blame people no longer in power for a situation our president created all by himself. That is just silly.

    Its 2018, Its far too late for “But Obama..” and “But Hillary…” They are catchphrases for trolls who are just trying to be evasive and yet signing off on garbage from Trump.

  • You can’t help much of anything, can you, Tater?

    I guess I got my answer about why you must make a fool of yourself — you can’t help it. Although that doesn’t relieve you of he responsibility of apologizing when you lie about someone else in the process. I’m still waiting.

    “Here lies Tater. He couldn’t help it.”

  • I would second that.

    Hillary represented more of the same squared; abortion, feminism, same sex including some pretty silly things, and so on.

    She lacked Obama’s charisma.

    She was never an option.

  • It may have something to do with record low unemployment, rising wages, rising value of the dollar, a summit with North Korea after everyone else from Truman forward kicked the can down the road, rapprochement with Israel, getting real with the EU, stuff like that.

  • The poison has colored your view of life and creation. Best rethink for your peace of mind.

  • While I was inside the beltway for a couple of decades I had numerous chances to talk to staffers in the Senate, members of the Secret Service – one of whom was an old high school classmate, and even some of the New York troopers who had to act as security for her during her stint there.

    Without exception they all reported an imperious, unpleasant, demanding, elitist who was simply not that bright.

    She wanted things her way right now period and be quiet. She had a hair trigger temper and used some rather unpleasant language when she did not get what she wanted at the pace she expected it.

    Everything I heard reminded me of John McCain, who I knew from actual contacts, and for whom I couldn’t vote unless he ran against Satan, and even then I might consider abstaining.

    She was complicit in rigging the DNC Convention.

  • I will enjoy the 4th. And I hope you do also. It’s a grand and glorious occasion to celebrate the blessed gift our Founding Fathers bequeathed to our safekeeping. Fireworks and hot dogs ahead!

  • More astonishing is that you wrote that thinking it would convince anyone of anything they did not already believe.

    You must be fun at parties.

  • It boils down to exact two thing–freedom to express their hatreds/control those of whom they hate, disapprove. I would add a third ingredient to the “witches’ brew: the right to discriminate to their hearts’ desire against those who don’t fulfill their opinion of what to be and how to live.

  • Pure BS. Bernie was not, and never has been a Democrat. Why do you think he should have been nominated with that fact in full view.

  • So that you would be free to run over the rights of those you look down on, you mean.

  • Then they ought to be willing to leave LGBT people alone instead of trying to break up our marriages and our families. .

  • The marriage of my wife and me is going strong after 11 years. A couple destroys or maintains their marriage themselves. You’re just bent out of shape that you can’t forbid loving same-sex couples to marry.

  • It’s settled law. As an American they need to accept it. As a Christian they don’t have to.

  • Black Lives Matter is racist enough, that’s for sure. (And your Antifa pals are pretty sketchy too!!)

  • Then why are right wingers talking overturning Obergefell? And where did I say that any religion should have to marry us? I don’t care about Chrisans approve of my marriage or not. Trying to annul my marriage is another thing altogether.

  • No, so that rights dreamed up out of the imaginations of oligarchs don’t eviscerate other rights actually recognized by the constitution.

  • I think you’ve got it exactly.

    Evangelicals call themselves “Chjristians”, and regard themselves as the ONLY “real” Christians. Evangelicals do not regard Catholics, and those who say “I am a Lutheran/Methodist/Presbyterian/etc”, as real Christians.

    The real irony here–perhaps it’s not irony at all–is that evangelicals, at least in my experience, stretching over decades, are the worse exemplars of the ideas of Jesus.

  • No, what bends me out of shape is the anti-democratic elitist approach used to achieve the goal, the fuzzy logic and legal thinking of Kennedy writing the decision, and the same-sex uber alles approach immediately after in cases such as Masterpiece.

    Btw, we can forbid same-sex couples (“loving” is a throwaway) to marry. Read Article V of the Constitution.

  • My favorite scene was a network talking news head asking Debbie Wasserman Schultz what the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist was. She immediately assumed a deer-in-the-headlights pose and stammered.

    As the rules of the Convention were written, Sanders was as much a Democrat as Hillary Clinton.

    Dirty tricks were the issue, and it’s led to a small exodus from the Democrats of primarily millennials and the left wing of the party.


    And current polling is that 49% think the man is a racist – but those numbers get much larger as to perceived racism or not when looking a political affiliation. And while how the KKK voted is unknown and not significant, David Duke certainly endorsed the man.

  • The question is not whether 1% or 100% think the man is racist.

    The question is whether he IS racist.

    The current KKK emanation has about 3,000 members.

    138.8 million votes were cast.

    His popularity is currently higher than Barack Obama’s was at this point in his first term, and it keeps rising.

    All this puts me in mind of “sticks and stones may break my bones …”.

  • The thing that really disturbs people is not ‘born again’ protestants voting for Trump (we understand that candidates aren’t perfect, and you sometimes have to chose the lesser of two evils), rather its the complete ignoring, and often justification, of Donald Trumps frequent immoral behavior in the conduct of his professional life. Example: The president is regularly untruthful. The bible condemns lying in the strongest terms (see Proverbs, James). Yet, much of the ‘born again’ side of Protestantism, which normally condemns the sins of politicians, is either silent, or actively justifies Donald Trump’s pervasive dishonesty with excuses.Second: the president’s paying-off of a woman to keep her silent about their affair, one month before the election. This isn’t old news,its new, and yet too many have decided to completely ignore that, in between lecturing the public on ‘recovering America’s moral greatness’.

  • Re: “No White Genocide.” 

    You mean, the “white genocide” that did not happen, is not happening now, and never will happen? That “white genocide”? 

  • We are given 2 choices last election hillary clinton very polite politically correct person, pro abortion, pro gay marriage, donald trump foul mouthed man, viscous, but will nominate conservative judges, pro life, pro christian values,. Isn’t it the bible teaches us to be careful of wolves that dresses like sheep? It is really not hard to choose if u want to know the truth.

  • There’s a subsurface, uncomfortable implication deriving from those two sentences.
    (Or maybe it’s just bad optics.)

  • You realize that if you put humans on that undesirable list, you yourself become wide-open for opposing debaters to return the favor on you. After all, you didn’t create yourself, so now God’s on (the atheist’s) hook for YOU as well as the bedbugs messing around on this earth!!

  • Perhaps I can help you out.

    My observations, extending over many years, have been that evangelicals generally are very dogmatic and unwilling to admit to problems or contradictions of any sort in their ideas re things like government, law, religion, culture.

    And anyone who tries to point out these problems, contradictions, etc., is dismissed, or subjected to strong criticism.

    I’m not the only one to make this observation. Others, including evangelicals themselves, have made similar observations. For example, iirc, an evangelical named Mark Noll wrote a book years ago called something like The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.

    And I’ve read other articles (in the mass media) by Prof. Fea pointing out these things. For example, he wrote an article in which he says that when he tries to explain what a crackpot (my characterization) Donald Barton is, evangelicals dismiss him more or less automatically.

    Similarly, we know that creationism is a common belief among evangelicals, even though biology departments at evangelical colleges appear largely to believe that evolution is real, and that there are some prominent evangelicals who are scientists who believe evolution is real.

    Does this help explain what’s on your mind?

  • You demonstrate time and time again Bob that you don’t have an “understanding” of honesty, integrity, honor, justice, fair play, valuing Truth, equal rights for all. And your words and actions speak volumes.

  • I think that he despises both Barbara Walters and Maxine Waters, and they are possibly indistinguishable in his mind — bot women who clearly don’t know their place.

  • I consider Maxine Waters as a woman worthy of emulation. I am too old to be a wannabe, but if I were younger, being a Maxine Waters wannabe would not be a bad thing at all.

  • His argument (“whatever is now calling itself the KKK”) devolves into a “no true Christian” fallacy, with which he’s intimately familiar. In his addled pate it can’t be the “true” KKK, a right wing conservatively valued force, because at one time in a distant past Southerners with this mindset were Democrats. So now, if they can’t be labeled as Democrats they can’t be KKK. And the real root cause, the conservative populist racist entitlement snowflake hate-rage-fear syndrome, whose devotees all shifted to the welcoming embrace of the Republican party a long time ago, well that is conveniently ignored.

    Bu the way, Bob blocked me a while back, pretty much as soon as I started calling him out and supplying him with a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance. The funny thing is anyone can continue the conversation below, particularly noting I had something to say, and he will only see that he’s been left out of a part of the actual conversation.

  • Bottom line the “evangelicals/fundies/whatever” are the philosophical descendants of the Puritans who committed murder in the name of God. They are not Christian in any shape, form or fashion, but are instead followers of hate AKA Satan.

  • Do you live in a Canabis friendly state? You might want to slow down a bit on the hooch.

  • Racism also adds a salient motivation to evangelicals in the whole Russian fiasco. They don’t seem to have enough kids, even with “quiverful” intents. (Inbreeding is a common factor in reduced fecundity. Religious right “sex-education” is so fraught with “sin” and abstinence that “when the time comes” they sometimes don’t even know what they need to do to conceive.) The evangelical cohort has been steadily falling. And they know the only way to get enough “true believers” is to indoctrinate them from the word go. They supplemented their supply with Russian babies before 2012, when Putin responded to the Magnitsky Act with the Dima Yakovlev Law, named after a Russian boy whose adoptive VA parents left in a hot car for nine hours, killing him. Evangelicals previously adopted *lots* of white babies from Russia. (Today it’s primarily the Ukraine — they basically need some corner of the world with a large, poor, white, hamstrung subclass, so Europe doesn’t qualify. Ukraine does, and Russia would. Between 2/3 and 95% of all orphanaged children there are “social” orphans, with at least one parent still alive, just not ready, willing, or able themselves.) Their adoptions are nearly uniformly white and 60% girls. The whole affair has an appalling ick factor.

    So when the infamous 6/9 meeting in trump tower was purportedly about “adoption,” remember that even were that strictly true, rather than cover for treason, that it speaks to just one more evangelical (and narcissist) end justifying their means. Evangelicals wants them some young white girls. Trump wants his bankers appeased. Putin and his kleptocracy want their monies freed up. Washed hand meets washed hand meets washed hand. Why is it all hands are still so dirty?

  • What you are referring to transcends politics or religion, evangelicals, protestants, or catholics. There is a fair amount of research being done regarding the phenomenon of facts not having any impact on deeply held beliefs. You see it all the time. Somebody opines, hears a fact or facts that make that opinion less correct, and what do they do? They double down as if the fact(s) didn’t exist. Just think of the climate change issue. But I still think it’s appropriate to call them out, since they (evangelicals) ostensibly espouse higher standards. They should be held against those standards just as should anybody else who publicly advocates and then doesn’t practice what they preach.

  • Never smoked it … unlike you, I’m guessing. 

    I’ll reiterate, since apparently I wasn’t clear enough, or you were too childishly petulant to get it: No, there is no “white genocide.” There never has been one. There never will be one. Period. End of story. 

    I can repeat that as often as is needed for you to absorb it. 

  • “I’m rubber, you’re glue. What bounces off me sticks to you.” All you’ve got is childish nonsense, sharpened into a stick.

  • My Lying Eyes!!!
    Go do a survey of Elementary School Yearbooks. I did. When I was looking for a place to move. Overwhelming. Even in a majority White state…………… is quite shocking.
    But you don’t care. Anti-White POS.

  • No, there is no “white genocide.” There never has been one. There never will be one. 

    Also, calling me “anti-white” and a POS doesn’t mean I’m either. It just means you’ve got your panties in a wad over something you don’t even understand because you’re too infantile, ignorant, and enraged to comprehend it. 

    If all you’ve got is name-calling, then you haven’t got anything.

  • You demonstrate time and time again, Susan, that you fancy yourself as very intelligent and part of better-than-others intelligentsia with special insights others lack, leading the march to a progressive future, a enlightened millennium where you and your like-minded friends will tell the world how it is.

    There are two problems:

    – you demonstrate time and again that you are not very intelligent;

    – the millennium you’re hoping for is never going to arrive. Mankind will just keep mucking along as it always has, warts and all.

    Try getting in touch with new ears:


  • Well, there’s only one solution. Roy and Trump and Bob all have to move to BobWorld and start reproducing immediately. But not Floyd, because though hyper conservative, he’s one of “them”. . Otherwise, the white race will disappear next week as if no one had ever heard of Norway. And don’t forget, the Jews aren’t jews at all, but edomites, because they never heard of Norway, either.

  • Re: “… why evangelicals thought voting for a corrupt and immoral politician like Hillary, who despised them along with anyone else not on the left …” 

    So obviously the precious snowflakes were forced to vote, instead, for a corrupt and immoral businessman/celebrity like the Groper-in-Chief, who panders to them like crazy. Got it. 

    Re: “Fear for their children, and the kind of amoral and immoral culture that they would face, of course played a role.” 

    That “fear” is irrational and unfounded. The culture they live in is what it is, and they largely created it. 

    Re: “Nice word to demean a desire to retain a culture that did not destroy institutions like marriage and politics …” 

    If by “destroying marriage,” you mean the arrival of gay marriage, that didn’t actually “destroy” anything. Hetero couples remain just as able to marry as they always have. All that’s happened is that option is now available to gays. Giving additional people access to something that’s not finite, cannot and never will magically “destroy” it. To think so is irrational and infantile. As for “destroying politics,” the Groper-in-Chief started doing that once he was elected. So if the fundagelicals intended to prevent the “destruction of politics” … well, far from doing so, they actually accelerated the process. 

    Re: “Try defensive: after all neither the big business GOP or the god-rejecting Dems would look out for them.” 

    Sadly, the Groper-in-Chief and his minions aren’t looking out for them, either. They’re in the game for their own benefit, not anyone else’s. 

    Re: “Now it’s to be expected that mainline denominations and liberal Catholics would find a way to squeeze their consciences into a pretzel to support voting for Hillary, because she was going to pursue policies that would marginalize the kind of people bloggers on this and other sites consider Neanderthals, but evangelicals saw clearly then, and even more so now, that cultural issues, economic vitality, foreign policy, immigration, and military affairs needed new leadership, however flawed and imperfect the president might be.” 

    Whoa boy! You just typed yourself a mouthful, there. Yes, the fundagelicals are, in fact, metaphorical Neanderthals. They prize Bronze Age sacred texts and interpret them in a primitive, if not medieval, manner. As for “policy” issues … not one of them has the slightest comprehension of how to create any kind of viable “policy” in any realm. Their idea of “economic policy” is to push through tax cuts for the wealthy and businesses, expecting they’ll all take their extra cash and rain it down on the masses. Except, that never happens. And I do mean it never happens. Moreover, no one has any rational reason to think it should. The fundagelicals just tell each other it will, over and over and over again, and that — in their minds — is all the evidence they need. But the world just doesn’t work that way. All their other “policy” notions are predicated on ignorant, infantile assumptions that have no basis in reality, either. 

    Re: “Substance was the reason evangelicals voted as they did, something liberals cannot abide in their lemming like mindset.” 

    There is no “substance” to anything the Groper-in-Chief, or any of his minions, says or does. They just launch volleys of verbal vomit all over the place, and the fundagelicals somehow think it actually means something and they love him/them for it all. Just tonight he spewed incoherent gibberish at an audience in Montana. There’s no way to make sense of any of this: 

    “I have broken more Elton John records, he seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ. And lots of other people helping. No we’ve broken a lot of records. We’ve broken virtually every record. Because you know, look I only need this space. They need much more room. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. We don’t need it. We have people in that space. So we break all of these records. Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.” 

    Seriously!? “Hopefully the brain [is] attached to the mouth”? Seriously, WTF!? 

    The problem with fundagelicals is they’re all a bunch of infantile little snowflakes who know nothing about anything but think they’re the most important things in the universe. 

  • Slightly higher notwithstanding margin of error but close enough based on previous patterns of voting, that Democrats may sweep the midterms.

    And I have no idea if he is a racist but certainly others think if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck.

    For me, what is most disconcerting it the continued increase in identified hate groups – both of the Neo-Nazi ilk, the anti-immigrants, the anti-Muslims but also the black nationalists suggesting that the flames of extremism are being stoked by this presidency – inadvertently or not.


    The booming economy seems to overriding any notion “that Democrats may sweep the mid-terms”.

    The operative phrase is “I have no idea if he is a racist”.

    Since he does not walk like a duck, quack like a duck, he’s probably not a duck.

    It appears that for a majority of the electorate the continued increase in open border groups, abortion extremists, same sex fanatics, and anti-free speech riots offset concerns about Neo-Nazi, anti-immigrant, and anti-Muslim extremism.

    The flames of extremism were stoked by the previous presidency, and the uproar is to be expected as its proponents fail to accept their loss.

  • But evolution isn’t true. It isn’t true. It’s all a plot to discredit Christian theology and bring people to Satan. DAMN YOU, SATAN! Oops. Too late.

    And anyway, they wuz white people who got too much sun, and so god turned them black because of too much ham. I read that in the Holy Boble.

  • Or you and PsiCop can exit and go form strange geometric patterns outdoors in the Castro District together.

  • as he had a problem telling the difference between the ducks and the anti-ducks in charlottesville he is more likely a duck .

  • No, YOU Are the one who hates yourself. You’re so sanctimoniously outraged that you’ve deluded yourself into thinking something is happening which definitely is not, has never happened, and never will happen. You and your white supremacist ilk are actually pretty pathetic. 

  • Yeah, I’ve heard that crap. Something something “mark of Cain” something something “curse of Ham” something something. 

  • Stop disrespecting your heritage. Read Lothrop Stoddard and Madison Grant.
    Put “March of the Titans” in your library for your children to be proud of.

  • I don’t “disrespect” my “heritage.” I only disparage hatemongers like yourself. As for reading historical materials — been there, done that … and got the degree to prove it. You can’t say the same, I’m sure. 

    Like I said … grow up already and walk away from the delusions. It won’t hurt you. 

  • Every White man should be required to listen/read Dr. William Luther Pierce.
    Oh yea………….you’ve done that too. Something tells me you’ve got Edomite in your DNA.

  • Hey Roy, if you think I’m required to read this cretin, then you just track me down and make me read his hateful dreck. Go ahead. Lock and load! If I’m under this mandate you say I am, you have absolutely no reason whatsoever not to do so. Get to it! 

    To be clear. I don’t think you have anywhere near the courage to try. Which would mean you don’t really think this mandate exists, and that in turn would make you a liar. 

    As for having Edomite in my DNA, you must have a load in your pants. Go ask your mommy to change you. 

  • A White man who loves his Heritage = White Supremacist.
    NAACP = Good and Natural
    LaRaza = Good and Natural
    White Student Union = Racist, evil n.azi who wants to murder 8 gazillion jews.

  • The author of The Turner Diaries = delusional hatemonger:

    There’s no doubt whatever about it, and there’s no debating it. If you think this is “required reading,” then you’re exactly the kind of “deplorable” that Hillary spoke of. And that’s just how it is. Don’t like me saying it? That’s fine by me, you just run off to the rest of your KKK/Christian Identity/Aryan Nation/Neoconfederate crew and whine at them that PsiCop called you a bad name. Waaaah wah waah. 

  • Roy Hobs = delusional hatemonger. 

    BTW you haven’t showed up yet to coerce me into reading your favorite author’s trash. When did you want to come over? I’ll need to know, I have plans for the weekend and can’t just sit home waiting for you to show up. 

  • To be clear: There’s only one way I will ever read any book you want me to, and that’s if you track me down, show up, and force me to read it.

    Let me know when you decide to overcome your cowardice and give it your best shot. I welcome your attempt at coercion.

  • The fact that you have to be forced to read these books says EVERYTHING about you. Have a nice day.

  • No I’m not, but thanks for assuming it. 

    When do you intend to show up and force me to read what you’ve demanded I read? 

  • Again……………………….the fact that you won’t read these books unless you are forced to; says everything about “who” you really are.

  • Again, that you won’t track me down and force me to read your books, demonstrates conclusively how craven you are. 

    So, when are you going to summon the courage to give it your best shot? I’m waiting for you to show up. 


  • But you told me that reading your books is mandatory for me. According to you, I have no choice in the matter, and must read them … even if the application of force is required to make me do so. 

    So track me down and apply force, already. Or just admit you’re too craven to try it, and that this mandate you thundered at me doesn’t exist after all. 

  • You are mental dude. Should be required reading as in ‘public education’ — for the Posterity. Not to mention………..if you were an honest broker for truth, you should want to read them. But of course you don’t because you are an imposter.

  • Re: “Should be required reading as in ‘public education’ — for the Posterity.” 

    What you said is that your books are “required reading.” Complaining I never read them in school, which was decades ago, isn’t a defense you can use. When you say something is “required reading,” that means it’s “required reading.” Period. End of sentence. Full stop. 

    Once more, I invite you to enforce this mandate on my person. Track me down and force me to read whatever it is you want me to read. 

    And that I am “an honest broker for truth” is precisely the reason I absolutely refuse to voluntarily read your hatemongering trash like The Turner Diaries. As I’ve explained many times, the ONLY way you will ever get me to read them is for YOU to show up and FORCE ME to read them. 

    Obviously you haven’t the courage to enforce this mandate you propounded. Poor little Roy-boy, you’ve got no courage of your own convictions. You rail and fume a lot, but won’t put your commandments into effect. 

  • Please…………you are the biggest hypocrite I have met so far in my life. You wouldn’t meet me for $100,000 so quit playing games.

  • Roy, you still haven’t forced me to read your books. Go ahead. I dare you! Track me down and make me read them already. Or just admit you’re as craven as I’ve said you are. It’s either one or the other: Your choice.  

  • You haven’t offered any information about where you reside. You want to go down that road?
    I wouldn’t waste one single night in jail on your a#$. Not worth it.
    Although I would enjoy seeing your hook nose. So…………..bring it on. I live in Washington State. Let’s start there.

  • It’s the Internet. Track me down. Unless you’re not tough enough for that. 

    Oh, and the part about the “hook nose” … congratulations on dropping an anti-Semitic slur. I’m not Jewish, to be sure, but if it makes you feel better to insist I am one, well, you just go right ahead, you sniveling little Neonazi. Go find some “alt right” rally attended by your fellow mommy’s-cellar-dwelling dweebs:

  • The Truth does not Fear Investigation.
    Anyone using the slur “n.azi” either has an agenda; or is just plain ignorant.

  • Re: “The Truth does not Fear Investigation.” 

    Nor do I fear you, O Craven One. As I said, this is the Internet. Track me down. Make me read your books. Or admit you haven’t the courage to give it your best shot. 

    Re: “Anyone using the slur “n.azi” either has an agenda; or is just plain ignorant.” 

    A guy who’d hurl the “hooked nose” slur at me, has automatically forfeited any right to claim anyone else is using a “slur.” As for you … you’ve promoted books written by white supremacists like William L. Pierce. Therefore, the name “Neonazi” fits you. Or maybe I should call you “Neoconfederate,” or “KKKer,” or “Aryan Nationer” … or even something else? Please, let me know which label you’d like me to pick. Whatever it is, it has to refer to your hateful, childish white supremacy. 

  • The Aryan Man should DESIRE to read the truth. You are no Aryan.
    The Truth does not fear investigation. Your “theories” need LAW to protect them.

  • There’s no such thing as an “Aryan man.” It’s a figment of 19th century imaginations, and has no reality behind it. 

    The truth is not on your “Aryan nation’s” side. I don’t need to “investigate” any further in order to know this. You are the one who refuses to “investigate” the lies you’re perpetuating. 

    And to repeat: Track me down and force me to read your precious books. Go ahead. You can do it, if you want. This is the Internet, and surely a smart guy like you can track me down. There are plenty of clues as to my whereabouts, you need only pay attention to them in order to find me. 

    But since you won’t do that, I assume you’re too craven to give it your best shot. Which would prove you don’t have the courage of your convictions. 

  • The Truth does not fear Investigation.
    The Noble Man loves Truth and Righteousness no matter the consequences.

  • Re: “The Truth does not fear Investigation.” 

    So why do you fear it? 

    Re: “The Noble Man loves Truth and Righteousness no matter the consequences.” 

    Yes, and you Aryan Nationers need to endure a lot of consequences for your lives. 

  • Shrunken Heads — PROVEN LIE
    Lampshades made out of jew skin — PROVEN LIE
    Soap made out of Jew fat — PROVEN LIE.
    What else are they lying about?!!!

  • And you are proud of that. I am sorry you were not born a White Aryan (Noble) man. We don’t get to choose our parents. I’m very sorry for you.

  • Re: “And you are proud of that.” 

    Where does “pride” become involved when I say there’s no such thing as an Aryan? 

    Re: “I am sorry you were not born a White Aryan (Noble) man.” 

    Obviously you have no conception of what the word “aryan” (sometimes “arian”) actually means. It doesn’t mean what you and your other Aryan Nationers think. It specifically and originally referred to some Persian (Iranian) and Indic peoples, and as such is a demonym that applies to them. I’m not of Iranian or Indian descent, and I doubt you are, either (most Aryan Nationers like yourself are of European descent). I happen to be of European descent (a mix of Celtic and Slavic, to be exact). 

    Re: “We don’t get to choose our parents.” 

    No we don’t. But that has nothing to do with … well, much of anything, really. 

    Re: “I’m very sorry for you.” 

    So what? I don’t care what an Aryan Nationer like you thinks, and your professed pity for me is irrelevant. 

  • I happen to be of European descent (a mix of Celtic and Slavic, to be exact).
    Sure you are.

  • I know you don’t believe it, but it’s true. You could find out for certain, for yourself, if you had the courage of your convictions and tracked me down to force me to read your books. 

    But you have no courage. So you won’t do it. And you’ll never know my heritage with any certainty. So say differently if you want, but I’m telling you I’m of mixed Celtic and Slavic descent. 

  • Psi-Cop = Psychotic.
    You have my email address. You could write me and tell me exactly where you live.

  • Why should I make it easy on you to force me to read your books? That mandate is one you handed down. It’s up to you to enforce it. And you should do it on your own, without anyone helping you out. 

    Grow up. Be a man. Show some resourcefulness and courage, fercryinoutloud. Or just admit you’re as craven as I’ve been saying. 

  • The Man of Virtue and Integrity will have the innate desire to learn about his people.

    He will want to read — “Germany’s War by John Wear.

    He will study the information at —;

    He would be interested in the future of his race —
    Lothrop Stodard and Madison Grant should be found in his personal library.
    Not to mention — “March of the Titans” by Arthur Kemp

  • Again………..the fact that you won’t read them on your own volition tells me everything I need to know about you. White Man my arse.

  • How many times do I have to tell you: Track me down and make me read your books. How many times have I said this? How much clearer can I be? 

  • What kind of sick person would want to be ‘forced’ to read something?
    Again…………………..the Noble White Man will not resist finding the Truth. In fact he will seek it out. When someone ‘won’t’ read something…… know it has an agenda.
    Here is another for you — “Merchants of Sin” by Benjamin Garland.

  • I don’t know. What kind of sick person would force someone to read something? But that’s what you want of me. You’ve ordered me to read a bunch of stuff. You’ll just have to track me down and make me read them.  

    If you’re not prepared to do that, or are unwilling to, then you’re just going to have to grow up and stop ordering me to read stuff. 

  • Another Good Read — “The Hoax of the 20th Century” by Arthur Butz.
    The “Truth Seeker” will want to read this.

  • If it’s a story you want me to read, then I’m sure it’s one that never should be told at all. 

    But again, if you want me to read it … go right ahead and make me read it. 

  • John Fea doesn’t seem to address evangelicals’ understanding of reality, which is one shaped by white conservative’s evangelical Christian faith. Beliefs about reality directly shape peoples’ actions, and when persons misapprehend reality in fundamental ways, such as the rejection of evolution or the view that this life is less important than a non-existent afterlife, those persons will act in accord with their mistaken understanding of reality. White evangelicals are convinced that we are in a culture war that pits the godly against the sinful and they are acting in accord with that long-standing perception. God’s will, as imagined by white conservative evangelicals, is opposed to abortion, homosexuality, disintegration of a godly patriarchal order between the genders, among other key societal issues. White evangelicals are championing their god’s will. Why support Trump? Both Nebuchadnezzar and King Darius are referenced frequently in defense of Trump, as it is perceived that God can raise up a champion that, like both the Babylonian and Persian rulers, are outside the faith community but used by God in furtherance of His perfect will.
    It is frequently perilous to comment on religious issues, but any serious analysis of a person or groups’ positions and actions must consider the fundamental view(s) of reality of those we are attempting to understand.