RNS Morning Report: ‘Breakthrough’ Film; Notre Dame Damage; Contemplative Spirituality

Marcel Ruiz (John Smith) hugs Chrissy Metz (Joyce Smith) in “Breakthrough.” Photo by Allen Fraser

Need to know: Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Intercessory Cinema

Chrissy Metz on ‘Breakthrough’: Everything happens as it should

The 'This Is Us' actress said she 'wholeheartedly' believes in miracles, including the one a doctor says occurred in the life of a boy whose true story is depicted in the movie, releasing for Easter. More from Religion News Service

Assessments Underway

Notre Dame fire extinguished, Paris turns to assessing damage and repairs

Crowds gathered outside of Notre Dame Cathedral to give thanks that the beloved Paris landmark still stood, while officials began assessing damaging and making plans to rebuild. More than 500 million euros has already been pledged toward repairs. More from Religion News Service

Personal Divinity

For millennials, mysticism shows a path to their home faiths

A growing number of millennials are finding that contemplative spirituality is a way to bridge the faith they grew up with and their yearning for deeper connections to God. More from Religion News Service


History lends plenty of hope for the resurrection of Notre Dame

Great cathedrals like Canterbury and St. Paul’s have risen from their ashes, giving us some of Christendom's most majestic and popular pilgrimage sites today, writes Beth Allison Barr. More from Religion News Service


How to be a mensch at your seder (or Easter dinner)

As we gather for the holidays, we all need someone who sees the spark of divinity in everyone at the table — even those whose views we can't stand, writes Joshua Hammerman. More from Religion News Service

Conservative Feminism

How prominent women built and sustained the religious right

Nationally prominent women like Beverly LaHaye played pivotal roles in building and sustaining the modern religious right as it coalesced into a self-conscious national movement in the 1970s and 1980s. More from Religion & Politics



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