RNS Morning Report: Remembering the Holocaust on Social Media; LGBT Support; Rohingya Refugees

The main gate of Auschwitz I camp in Poland, which was operated by German Nazis during World War II. Photo by Roland Fischer/Creative Commons

Need to know: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Preserving the Truth

Fighting anti-Semitism and remembering the Holocaust on social media

Not waiting for social media platforms to take action, institutions from Washington to Auschwitz combat hate by creating a 'virtual community of remembrance.' More from Religion News Service

'Majorities In Every State'

Survey: Faith groups maintain widespread support for LGBT protection laws

A new report shows that strong majorities within all religious groups, including white evangelicals, support laws shielding LGBT people from discrimination. More from Religion News Service

Refugee Crisis

Some Rohingya refugees prefer death in Bangladesh over repatriation to Myanmar

'Once we see that our relatives in Myanmar have gotten full citizenship rights and treated humanely, no one will have to force us to go back,' explained one refugee. More from Religion News Service

Rethinking Affiliation

Survey: More than a third of US Catholics question loyalty in wake of scandals

More Catholics are questioning whether they should remain in the church today than did in 2002. More from Religion News Service

Signs of the Times

The good, the bad and the merciful: Pope Francis after six years

Pope Francis' strength is as a pastor who calls people to conversion. He does not think like an administrator, one who establishes policies and structures to ensure things are done properly, writes Thomas Reese. More from Religion News Service

Convicted on Five Counts

Cardinal George Pell of Australia sentenced to six years in prison

George Pell, an Australian cardinal who was the Vatican’s chief financial officer and an adviser to Pope Francis, was sentenced to six years in prison on Wednesday, for molesting two boys after Sunday Mass in 1996. More from The New York Times



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