The Slingshot: Church service after shooting; Moore’s evangelicalism; Prayer boo …

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Title page of Book of Common Prayer. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Need to know: Thursday, September 28, 2017


Three days after deadly church shooting, Burnette Chapel Church of Christ holds first …

The Wednesday evening service went on as it does every week, despite the church still figuring out what to do with an auditorium in disarray and the cluster of reporters that continued to hover after Sunday's shooting. More from The Tennessean


5 faith facts about Roy Moore: Evangelical in excelsis

The winner of Alabama’s GOP Senate primary runoff is best-known for being removed as state Supreme Court chief justice after he disobeyed an order to take down a granite statue of the Ten Commandments he had installed in the lobby of the state judicial building. More from Religion News Service


The Book of Common Prayer gets a glossary

Nearly 500 years after the creation of the Book of Common Prayer by Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, many people, even priests, find its prose not so much eminently quotable, as mystifying. Now, there's help. More from Religion News Service


Divorced from her husband and her faith, Tova Mirvis finds freedom

There was no single event that led writer Tova Mirvis to abandon her marriage and her Modern Orthodox faith. The rumblings began early and the final collapse took place around the time she turned 40. More from Religion News Service


Diwali festivals grow in US, from Disney to Times Square

The holiday of Diwali, which is observed throughout the fall, is starting to light up mainstream America. Public celebrations are starting to pop up in places ranging from Disneyland and Times Square to parks and museums. More from Religion News Service

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