The Slingshot: Final story; Pence trip; Jailed Witness

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Jeffrey Weiss, photographed at his home in Dallas on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. In the background is his father’s typewriter. (Louis DeLuca/The Dallas Morning News)

Need to know: Thursday, October 26, 2017


Jeffrey Weiss’ final story was his own

The highly respected reporter and RNS columnist, who chronicled his spiritual journey with brain cancer, has died. He was 62. More from Religion News Service


Pence to visit Israel and Egypt to support persecuted Christians

The vice president will travel to the Middle East in late December and said the U.S. will redirect funds for persecuted Christians and other religious minorities away from the United Nations. More from Religion News Service


UN demands Tajikistan free detained Jehovah’s Witness

A UN committee is calling for the immediate release of an 18-year-old whose faith precludes military service. More from Religion News Service


Pope phoning space station today

Francis is making his first phone call off the planet — to six astronauts on the International Space Station. More from Religion News Service


Who said that — Martin Luther or William Shakespeare?

“We all are men, in our own natures frail, and capable of our flesh; few are angels.” Take our quiz and see more quotes that will test your knowledge of Martin Luther’s writings. More from Religion News Service

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