The Slingshot: Pompeo hearing; Church gun bill; Holocaust calumny

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo, picked to be the next secretary of state, smiles after his introductions before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a confirmation hearing on his nomination to be Secretary of State, Thursday, April 12. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)>

Need to know: Friday, April 13, 2018

Disturbing views

Muslims find Jews standing behind them in opposition to Pompeo’s confirmation

Members of both faiths want to hear if Trump's nominee for secretary of state will repudiate his anti-Muslim views. More from Religion News Service

Packing in pews?

Clergy reject Missouri bill on concealed guns in churches

But two committees in the state's House of Representatives have already approved the bill — along party lines — with Republicans voting in favor. More from Religion News Service

Hijacking doctrine

Taqiyya: How an obscure Islamic concept became an anti-Muslim obsession

The doctrine that allows Muslims to hide their faith to escape persecution has become a popular way for Islamophobes to impugn the faith. More from Buzzfeed

Hate crime

An 8-year-old’s rape and murder inflames tensions between Hindus and Muslims in Indi …

Police say Asifa Bano was killed in a Hindu temple, and that the temple’s custodian plotted her death as a way to torment the Bakarwals, a Muslim tribe in Northern India. More from The Washington Post

Dissing the dead

Could armed Jews have prevented the Holocaust?

"The idea that Jews with guns could have made any meaningful resistance is the cruelest, most cynical, most ignorant alternative fact there is," writes RNS columnist Jeffrey Salkin. More from Religion News Service

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Yonat Shimron

Yonat Shimron is an RNS National Reporter and Senior Editor.

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