The redemption of Enda Kenny

Less than two years after he blasted the Vatican over its failures to protect children from abusive priests — or help investigate the crimes — Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny will receive an honorary degree from Boston College. Are bygones bygones?

Have Gomez and Mahony made up?

The public spitting match between Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez and his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, must have been as uncomfortable as it was unusual. But there are signs that maybe there’s been a reconciliation of sorts, or at least some couples counseling for the sake of their spiritual children. Gomez publicly embarrassed Mahony last […]

Will Cardinal Mahony face any consequences?

On Monday, I revisited the question of whether the retired cardinal of Los Angeles, Roger Mahony, actually suffered any discipline in his dust-up with his successor over his dismal track record on the sexual abuse of children by clergy. Now Tom Roberts of the National Catholic Reporter highlights a follow-up that could be an important […]